Barioth strategy

Barioth strategy - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

By zanuffas
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As I play with charge blade this monster was a menace. The savage axe mode didn't help much as the monster jumps around, which either results in many missed attacks or getting hit by Barioth. However, after some time I got a hang of it and mostly concentrated on SAED. Here are my main tips for him:

  1. Break his claws - a strange thing but this immensely helped me, because his mobility went down
  2. Some resistance against Ice really helps as he shoots these ice tornadoes
  3. He has three star fire damage weakness try to use this weapon for your build
  4. You should be able to see his attack patterns in first 5 minutes in the fight: when he does tails swings, side pounce or uses ice attacks
  5. Don't defend against tornadoes, because they will still hit you after defending

Generally I would say this fight was frustrating and fun at the same time. As a bit different tactics had to employed similar to Viper Tobi-Kedachi.

Good luck!


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