Fast way to earn event tickets

Fast way to earn event tickets - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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Farming Event tickets

As the Blossom event is in full swing and you need some tickets fast. This is the farming method which I have been using: Duffel Duty quest. This quest can be done in 1 minute and the ticket is guaranteed almost each run if you have appropriate equipment.


First I would suggest to make appropriate event equipment. As currently Blossom event is running I will need this Rose gear:

The important skill is Full Bloom Gratitude.


Once you are ready go to event quests and select Duffel Duty with Shipwreck camp:


Go down the ledge:

There you will see a ship, get on the stairs inside the ship and turn to penguins:

You are ready to catch! Once you catch the first one the rest will start moving to you.

If you fail to catch the 8 needed. Go to Central camp, and drop down the ice tunnel. There you will see some more penguins in case you need them



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