Beotodus Charge Blade strategy - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

By Uglyjagras
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Beotodus is an exciting new fight with some of the new mechanics of Iceborne. As I play only charge blade I will try to explain how to get started with this fight and what can be done to counter this monster.

Simple preparation:

  1. Just use physical augmented charge blade with health. it will be enough in the beginning. Later on you can use a fire weapon like Halberion Blade+
  2. Have a hot drink, I think this is the most important new mechanic in Hoarfrost Reach


  1. If you have a hard time dealing with frostblight prepare some null berries. I personally have no problem with it and can play with it
  2. Frost resists will also help tremendously if you have hard time guarding/avoiding his attacks
  3. I try to poke with small attacks until I see him do a big dive jump. After that I go to him and launch SAED.
  4. If you feel comfortable with new Savage Axe mode, this can easily allow to clear ice from his back, with this you can easily make him go out of ice
  5. If you see him standing, his legs are his weak points. This is the time where Savage Axe mode can really shine as you will constantly be hitting them
  6. Interestingly you can use screaming pods when he is under the ground. Utilize this together with the new mechanic allowing to shoot pods while weapon is drawn out

These are my easy tips for you to start the game on this first big fight.

Good luck!