Alatreon fight - complete guide

Alatreon fight - complete guide - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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His fight revolves around different cycles of elements. He has three elements: Fire, dragon and Ice.

The interesting part is that you have to deal enough elemental damage to not be killed by his finisher move: Escaton Judgement (super nova). You should be brining elemental weapon. Ice if the starting phase is Fire mode and Fire if the starting phase is Ice.

Fight progression

  1. The fight starts in elemental phase either Ice or Fire (more on that below).

  2. As the fight progresses it will change to Dragon phase.

  3. During one of the first two phases If you deal enough damage you will be getting a prompt from your companions (the handler), saying: “You’re doing a good job containing Alatreon’s Power!” and also he will flinch

  4. When he topples you free to damage him. Have in mind if he is in either Fire or Ice mode you will not be able to break his horn

  5. Moving to his horns: the aim is to break on of them each Dragon phase. This fixes the element which he can use, otherwise he Alatreon changes to opposite one after Dragon phase. For example: from Dragon to Ice if the fight started with Fire (you really want to avoid that). The horns can only be broken in Dragon phase.

  6. At this time the big attack: Escaton Judgement should be ready. This means, that you will have to survive through his main attack. But also do not be in a big hurry if you have full health, before he launches the attack there is some time where you can sharpen your weapon, put on some buffs, or even deal some damage. Regarding healing the best options are:

    1. Use Astera Jerky, when your hp starts to go down.

    2. Use Sushifish Scale/Susihfish Scale+

    3. Use Health booster

    4. Or use max potion

  7. Now the cycle will repeat. If the fight started with Fire he will go to fire mode (if the horn was broken). You will have elemental dps check (of ice in this case), again and but now the thresholds will reset. You can read on them more here:

  8. After the 6th step, you should be able to beat him until Third Escaton Judgement. If not you will have to change your weapon after third Escaton Judgement, because your current element will be nullified. (from fire, he will be moving to Ice)

General tips

These are all the tips which I accumulated ant which would help you better to deal with this fight:

  • After you beat him in Special Assignments, two Event quests will appear: The Evening Star and Dawn of the Death Star. The first one will start Alatreon in Fire mode and the second one will start in Ice mode. These quests will rotate every day.

  • Enrage Alatreon as soon as possible this will give you about 20% more damage.

  • When he starts flying you have three options: use flash, slam him to the ground with you flinch shot from the claw. Sadly these options only work if he is no enraged. The last option is to use Smoke bomb, and when you disappear he will go down to the ground (with this you may need some practice)

  • As mentioned before, Astera Jerky is useful when dealing with his Super Nova

  • Avoid using Dragon element weapons, as he has low damage values

  • If you find hard to survive his elemental attacks, you should skip on attack food and go for Elemental Defense meals

  • Use Wall slams (there are 4 large rock formations around the map) to take him down (before, this tenderize him for more wall damage), you can also slam him to the ground when he is flying

  • Skip on offensive skills if you find it hard to survive his fight and invest in Health boost, blight resistance, etc.

  • You can safely deal with his attack (most of them) when standing close o his hind legs.

  • Bring crafting materials for healing items, this way you can have in total 7 Max potions this way. You cannot use farcasters in this fight.

  • His Front legs are more susceptible to elemental damage, use them to maximize your elemental damage

For me this fight was and is challenging, however, I hope this will help you become better at it.


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