Alatreon charge blade guide

Alatreon charge blade guide - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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General thoughts

Even though there are many people talking about how Alatreon is unfair or hard. I think he is an interesting fight taking some mechanics from mmo boss runs.

I had some struggles with charge blade at first, but learning his attack patterns and watching some speed runs, helped to understand how to maximize damage dealt to Alatreon with Charge blade


  • Weapon: Kjarr Strongarm “King”/Kjarr Strongarm “Ice” – important to have 1 health regen augment and the rest for elemental status effect.

  • Armors: I tried different sets, however, I think Safi fits this fight the best. You get equal amount of elemental resistances (except dragon), which is essential for this fight. Moreover, Safi set provides good general skills like “Evade Window” and critical boost

  • Charm: Ironside Charm V/Challenger Charm V – a tricky choice, but you should use the charms based on your playstyle or how good you feel with evading. If you can evade most of his attacks Agitator skill will increase your DPS. But if you constantly defend and use Guard blocks, you would rather have Guard 5 to not be knocked.

  • Mantles: it all depends on your playstyle. I used Rocksteady and Temporal mantles. Rocksteady mantle is great for not being knocked out to dish a lot of damage, moreover, you can safely do wall slams and not be knocked out. Temporal mantle I think is self-explanatory. Evasion mantle is another option, which allows you to maximize your DPS.

Decorations/Skills - essential

  • Blight resistance – get level 3 this is essential for this fight (you get if from the armor if using Safi set)

  • Ice Attack/Fire Attack – max also, self-explanatory

  • Capacity Boost – additional phial per each SAED or longer savage axe mode.

  • Focus – depending on what Jewels you have try to maximize ir, but having at least 1 level should be enough

  • Weakness exploit – increases affinity

  • Critical Boost – as you will have close to 100% critical chance, you can also increase your damage wit criticals

  • Protective Polish – you have a window of sharpness where you do not lose any of it after sharpening. So if you have Whetfish Fin/Wetfish Fin+ you can use this in a middle of the fight, as using normal Whetstone takes too long

Decorations/Skills – optional, based on your playstyle

  • Health Boost – I think this is the best “defense” skill in the game.

  • Resentment – you can use this skill to maximize your DPS as you will constantly have red HP, due to Safi’s armor skill

My personal build

This is my build which I can use to make a sub 7-8 minute run:

Anti Alatreon charge blade build

Against Ice mode Alatreon, just switch for Fire jewels and you are set to go.


  1. I prefer the fight to start with Rocksteady Mantle, use claw to get on his head, do two turns, and slam Alatreon to the wall. Then you can also take another stone (which can be used later on)

  2. Now your main point is to charge your shield and have full phials ASAP and start using Savage Axe Mode (you should be ready right on the first topple)

  3. As long as Alatreon is enraged he will be taking about 20% more damage (that is why we topple him at the start also)

  4. If he starts flying, you can use Flashpods or Claw with slinger ammo to take him down (this only works if he is not enraged). Another option is to use Smoke, to hide him, and he should land on the ground quite fast.

  5. A big improvement in dps is using evasion instead of guard points (so it is a good thing to practice evading his attacks)

  6. Attack his front legs, for bigger elemental damage (when you need to topple him fast) as they are the weakest to it.

Feel free to ask any questions!


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