The Eternal gold Rush – Kulve Taroth Master Rank complete guide

The Eternal gold Rush – Kulve Taroth Master Rank complete guide - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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The quest opens up at Master rank 24 after beating Shara Ishvalda.

In the Monster Hunter World Kulve Taroth was the first siege monster, where 16 players had to cooperate. However, for Iceborne, Capcom decided to simplify things a bit. Now Kulve Taroth is an even quest – The Eternal Gold rush. Moreover, this fight is scalable, which means that you can now do it solo much more easily than the old fight.

Fight stages

The fight is similar as normal Kulve Taroth, however, now you start from the second phase, and can instantly fight her.

  1. In the first phase you have to deal enough damage for her to take off the mantle.

  2. In this stage she will fight without her mantle, so she will have some additional attacks.

  3. The final stage, where you have to beat her

Each stage is about 6-8 minutes and in that time you have to deal enough damage for her not to run away.

1st Stage

In this stage her Mantle is weak to lightning attacks, so you can use this element to deal big damage. However, her body is weak to Ice, so either go physical damage if you feel that you are not able to hit the required spots, or choose one of the elements.

The important part is to take the change and tenderize her chest at the start of the fight. After that do two wall slams (great skill to have is Slinger Capacity here, so that you would not need to get more stones), which will deal big damage and should break her chest.

Continue the fight as normal, dealing as much damage as possible, also if the rage mode is removed, do the slinger wall slams again. Also save the mounting for the last stage

2nd stage

In this stage she will be without mantle, again if Kulve Taroth does not have enrage, do some wall slams. Morevoer, the important thing is that in this stage you can also drop stalactite which will knock her down, and you can concentrate on her head to break the horns.

Sadly, the Master Rank Kulve Taroth does not have second stalactite. However, you should concentrate fighting on the lava geyser, which fires after certain amount of Kulve attacks, adding some additional damage.

After you deal enough damage the fight moves to the last stage

3rd Stage

This is stage is fairly intense you have to watch for Kulve Taroth attacks but also for stalactites which fall from the ceiling. Again, if you have a chance and she is not enraged to a wall slam (this should be doable at the start of the stage).

Try to mount her at this stage, by running on the huge stone in the center of the stage.

The big change here is that now she will have ultimate attack. She will jump on the stone in the middle and spew lava on the ceiling. Your aim is to avoid the falling stones. But I personally recommend just using superman dive. I was not able to find precise locations where you can avoid them, but I have seen some players not doing from it.

If everything plays well you should be done with the fight.

General tips

  • The fight is a bit more intense and the attacks are more aggressive compared to High Rank Kulve Taroth.

  • Get one point in skill – Slinger Capacity, you will be able to do two wall slams before enraging. And won’t need to spend time finding more stones

  • You do not need to break horns in this fight, but you can do that for additional materials/carves.

  • Leave the mounting for the third phase

  • Her lava breath is not much more unforgiving – it has bigger area of effect, deals more damage: so be careful

  • Try to not position yourself in front of her – she has a fast head slam where you can be killed

  • If you die too much, it is not a problem to eat for Elemental Resistance (L)

  • If you don’t manage to go through stage one, try to have additional set with Partbreaker set for this part and use farcaster after moving to another stage

  • And as always you can try this fight with other players help if you find it too difficult

Happy hunting!


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