Guiding Lands - Complete Guide and Tips

Guiding Lands - Complete Guide and Tips - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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What is Guiding Lands and how it works?

It is a new large region mixed of different environments from other Monster Hunter World Iceborne maps. The map is split into different areas each having their own level. By changing the region level new and stronger monsters will appear dropping better crafting materials.

It is an end-game map used to maximize your augments and gear stats. It does not play a major role in story development, however, to fight stronger monsters, you will need to have your gear improved.

How to Unlock Guiding lands?

Unlocking the new map is easy. All you have to do is finish the Main Story. Once the credits finish talk to the Team leader of Seliana. This is when you will depart to find Ruiner Nergigante. With this, a new region will be revealed – Guiding Lands.

All information about regions

Regions or biomes are representations of the previous maps that you have encountered:

  • Coral Region – Coral Highlands
  • Forest Region – Ancient Forest
  • Rotted Region – Rotten Vale
  • Wildspire Region – Wildspire Waste
  • Volcanic Region – Elder’s Recess
  • Tundra Region – Hoarfrost Reach

Leveling regions

Once you unlock Guiding Lands, you will be able to hunt monsters in different regions. These are the ways that you get xp to increase biome rank:

  • Break Monster parts
  • Trap monster – this is the most rewarding way to gather points. You only need to make the monster activate the trap.
  • Gather footprints – easy method, but provides little points
  • Kill the monster

At first, you can only reach level 4 for the region as this is the cap. However, to increase the levels further you will need to do these quests:

Region level Quest name Master Rank requirement
5 Sleep Now in the Fire MR 49
6 Big Burly Bash MR 69
7 To the Very Ends with You MR 99

The highest level will result in the most difficult monsters spawning. This is good if you need materials from tempered large monsters or elder dragons

However, region levels can also lower. Once you max out 3 regions to Level 7, hunting in a region with a low rank will decrease the level of another one. For example, if I had the maximum Volcanic region and hunt in the Coral region which is 3, the Volcanic one may become level 6 due to losing points.

What rewards Guiding Lands give?

As this is the endgame content for Monster Hunter World Iceborne, you can obtain new materials to further improve and augment your gear.

New Monster materials

Carving dead large monsters in Guiding Lands will give you different materials compared to normal maps. These materials drop more often and are easier to get. However, they cannot be used to craft gear but rather upgrade armor and weapons.

New Bonepiles and Mining Outcrops

Guiding Lands introduces new outcrops and bonepiles in each region. All of them will give different materials. Based on resource level you may also obtain Special rare materials. The idea is that the more you gather in the region the higher level outcrops will spawn.

Once you reach the maximum progress for gather a single special node will spawn. This node will give the best and highest tier material for that region

Additional unlockable monsters

This is a list of more monsters that are unlocked via Guiding Lands. Some of them provide materials for Meta builds and high-level Augments. Due to this I recommend hunting them

Here are some tips which I accumulated for when running Guiding Lands. I think they help tremendously when you start out and don‘t want to waste your time.

Monster name Requirement
Zinogre Collect specific Special tracks
Rajang Level any region to level 4 or just Volcanic to level 3
Yian Garuga Forest Region Level 3
Stygian Zinogre Tundra Region level 4
Gold Rathian Wildspire Region Level 6
Silver Rathalos Coral Region level 6
Scarred Yian Garuga Forest Region Level 6
Brute Tigrex Rotten Region level 6

Even though it is not mandatory it is still fun to fight these monsters and challenge yourself

Guiding Lands tips

Geologist skill

This may seem silly skill, however, as you do guiding lands for materials which are used in augmenting, doubling the amount which you get will increase your progress much more. You only need level 1 Geologist.

Alt text

Fortify skill

As you are losing some dps output due to Geologist skill, a good idea is to boost it with Fortify skill. At the start of the hunt get a weapon with Fortify skill slotted. Take off your armor. Use Mega barrels to blow yourself up two times. You will get 20% boost in attack and defense for 50 minutes.

Fortify skill

MR100 progress

After MR100 you will unlock some great fights, and they will be tough. So you should be ready to have your gear augmented, and have a lot of decos. A good option is to farm them through Guiding lands

First areas for Level 7

Leveling Forest, Volcanic and Coral areas to level 7 will help you immensely in getting health augments. This will give you needed tempered monsters and main gathering materials for health augment which is used in many meta builds. Moreover, you will need Extra Slots augment and the Volcanic region of level 7 will help you do that.

Making monsters to leave

Have dung pods/banishing ball – a great way to make the monster leave the area with dung. However, if you want the monster to totally disappear use a banishing ball.

Get more from steamworks

Mine Red nodes – these nodes give dragon coal chunks which give you steam, they can be used in Steamworks to obtain some great consumable items (Ancient Potion, Mega barrels) and decorations during events. To check if nodes are red use your map and open third tab with Resource Information. The regions with red mining nodes have the ones which you need for coal chunks:

Alt text

Fight all monsters at least once

Fight all monsters at least once. What will happen if you do this that you will unlock their materials in Elder Melder (so you could avoid fighting them later)

Guiding Lands melder

You don't always need to kill

You do not need to kill the monster to get materials – you can break their parts or just wall slam them to drop needed materials if you miss 1 or 2 units

Stone-thrower skill

Have at least 1 level of Stonethrower skill. This helps you to do two wall slams from single plant or ground pick up. Of course you can live without this and find another slinger ammo on the ground, however, I found myself forgetting this, and having able to do two slams in a row is better for me. This greatly synergies with Geologist skill for double drops.

Stonethrower skill

Have one player clutch claw when the monster has flinched

I see many players not doing this. When the monster has flinched you get a window to do a clutch claw jump. The important part if someone clutch claws, this window is doubled. So your party members can do crazy amount of damage If somebody jumps on the monster. You also benefit by tenderizing him, which further increases your group’s dps.

Fighting monsters in different areas

This one is a bit tricky but what happens, if for example a monster moves to a different locale (Rajang, was lured in Volcanic and moves to Ancient Forest) part breaking/traps/footprints will level the Ancient Forest area. And of course you can then use traps to level the area fast.

Communicate with other players when farming mats

This may be self-explanatory, however, I was helped numerous times by other players, when joining their instances. For example, I needed tempered Rajang, however, my volcanic was only level 2. I joined someone who had level 7 Volcanic area, asked him nicely and in 10 minutes we were fighting tempered Rajang!

Utilize your weapon for breaking parts

Depending on the weapon you use you should be hitting appropriate monster parts. If you are using – greatsword, charge blade or other cutting weapons, concentrate on tail. If you have Hammer, Hunting Horn – damage monster’s head. In Guiding lands breaking parts gives you both increase in Area level and also drops materials (works well with Geologist skill)

Geology skill again

Geologist allows you to gather 5 times bonepile, 4 times mining and 2 pickups from single shiny!

Normal version materials after you have high-level biome

Elder Melder allows you to change tempered version of materials to normal materials, so no need to worry that your biome level is too high. Moreover, you can also use other monster’s materials but they give less points.

Alt text

Use Spiritvein Solidbones for rare decorations

Once you have many spiritvein solidbones use them in “First Wyverian Ritual” and select “Soul Stream II”, you can now make Carved Feystones, which can give rarity 12 decorations. This will greatly benefit you when getting some better decos for good builds.

Spiritvein Solidbone can be obtained from Tempered Monster in Guiding Land.

Alt text

Join other player's hunt or invite them to yours

In multiplayer when you hunt with other players, you will receive lures from them. This will allow you to gather them much faster instead of playing solo. So always use SOS or join other instances:


Hope these tips will help you to enjoy your grinding even more!


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