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Motion value calculation - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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What are they?

A mechanic which you may have heard as you play and experience Monster HunterWorld is motion values. This is used to balance damage of various weapons – fast weapons vs slow weapons for example. Motion value is proportion of your attack value which will be used when calculating actual damage.

They are static and are set for each weapon and for each attack. So these are values which do not change for the weapon class. So I can be using the best weapon of the class and the worst and these values will not change. Of course damage output will change due to other variables

I will be taking values from this site:

Slow weapon motion values

So if we take as example, Greatsword:

Greatsword Motion values

Its attack of Charged Slash Level 3. This should deal 110% of raw damage to the monster. True Charge Slash Level 3 is the highest motion value attack in the game which has it set to 264. So this move deals 264% damage of your raw attack. This explains why Greatsword attacks do the most damage in the game but are also the slowest. Of course there are other numbers to take into account: sharpness, weapon damage type and of course hitzone values on which you can read here:

Fast weapon motion values

Now if we move to a faster weapon like dual blades:

Dual blade motion values

The motion values change drastically. Because the weapon is fast Capcom has decided to balance this by lowering them. For example: Double Slash has only 8 motion value, which is much lower compared to Greatsword simple attacks. And the biggest damage attack is Right Double Roundslash, which is 19. This means that you deal 19% of your raw attack.

I hope this post sheds some light on how motion values work and what part they play in total damage value calculation


I would like to see some write up on the Elemental damage. Because Motion value by themselves don't help much

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