Farming Kulve Taroth weapons

Farming Kulve Taroth weapons - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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As many people have already reached end game and have many of the good weapons, some Meta builds still require Kajaar weapons. However, there is no easy way to obtain them and you have to give yourself up to luck. Still you should follow the ways mentioned below to maximize the acquiring chance.

First way – exchange tickets

Probably the easiest way, however, you need to have some “Gold Wyverian Prints”. I had some of them left from the High rank of Monster Hunter World. You can exchange them for “Kulve Taroth Golden Glimstone” at elder melder. This rare item alone gives you two items when doing Awakening Alchemy for both Kulve and Kjarr Alchemy.

Kulve Taroth Glimstone

Second way – farming High rank Kulve Taroth

I enjoy this quest as you can run it laid back, with your master rank gear and 3 party members. The aim is to break as many parts as possible. Usually to break its horns it takes two runs. However, the aim is to get it to enter Fury mode. To reach it you need to break certain amount of parts. For 1-3 pursuit you will need 15 broken parts and for 4+, 10 broken parts. So at first run try to concentrate on breaking the parts instead of hitting the horn. So if you break the horns when Kulve is in Fury you will get 4 more weapons.

Bonus point if you drop a gem which will give you more items for melding.

Third way – Master Rank event - The Eternal gold Rush

An excellent event, for which you can do everything solo. However, it is a bit trickier and you will need to learn its mechanics. But once you understand the fight you can farm Kulve parts efficiently. I have a guide on this event which explains the fight in details:


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