What to do after finishing Iceborne story?

What to do after finishing Iceborne story? - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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After you finish the main story and beat Shara Ishvalda, you should not drop this game. In a way the game just begins as now new, higher difficulty monsters will be unlocked to you. In this write up I will explain what you should concentrate on moving next.

Master Rank level

Through all endgame your aim should be raising the Master Rank level. You will unlock new quests which you will need to finish to raise the limits of your MR level. Of course additionally up to MR 200 you will be unlocking optional quests which will be more of the challenge then any progression of the story. Another untold thing, as you have higher Master Rank level, you will be viewed in community with more respect. What this means? Well you may not be kicked out of lobby for having no experience :)

Farming Decorations

In end game of Monster Hunter World, having good items is not enough. You will still need to have specific skills to fully utilize your builds. To get them you will need decorations. There are a few ways to get them:

  • Steamworks – during events you can get bronze, silver and gold tickets which can be exchanged for decorations at Elder Melder

  • Doing Investigations with Threat 2 or 3 level. This will include Tempered elder dragons or monsters like Diablos or Brachydios. This will give you some better decorations specifically Sealed Feystones, which you use tyo get rarity 11 and 12 gems.

  • Event quests – the main event quest and easiest to start is “The Wrath of Thunder Descends”, where you have to fight Tempered Zinogre. Moreover, there are also events like “Day of Ruin” where you fight tempered Teostra in Seliana siege map. And usually you get at least 3 Sealed Feystones. This is probably the most efficient way to get them

Special Assignments

This are post story quests which unlocks new fights: Raging Brachydios, Furious Rajang, etc. There are a few reasons why you should do them: you will unlock great gear and you will test yourself against some of the hardest monsters of the game. And Monster Hunter is all about overcoming harder and harder monsters.

Safi’Jiva Siege

This is a mandatory event as you will be getting one of the best armors in the game, plus you will be able to unlock Safi weapons, which are easy to obtain and have huge potential to be upgraded. Your aim should be collecting the 5 piece armor set both alfa and beta versions. You can read a guide on the fight here: https://www.gamestegy.com/post/monster-hunter-world-iceborne/250/safi'jiva-siege-complete-guide

Kulve Taroth weapons

Sadly, Safi'Jiva is not enough to get all the gear that you might need to have the best builds. In this case you should also be doing Kulve Taroth siege (this is a High Rank quest) or Master rank quest: The Eternal gold Rush. You will be obtaining great melee elemental weapons, which also come with "Critical element" skill. As I mainly play charge blade, having these weapons is a must.

I did a write up previously on how you should farm the weapons: https://www.gamestegy.com/post/monster-hunter-world-iceborne/287/farming-kulve-taroth-weapons

Guiding Lands

This is mandatory place to visit as you will need materials for many of augmentations and charms. If you are starting out you can read about Guiding lands here: https://www.gamestegy.com/post/monster-hunter-world-iceborne/271/the-guiding-lands-top-10-beginner-tips

But the main point is that you should be killing monsters (as many as possible here), leveling your regions and your master rank. Constantly check what materials you need for weapon augmentations which you use and try to unlock those monsters.


The great part is that your weapons are yet to unlock the full potential. You can now start augmenting your weapons. This can allow you to regenerate health after hitting, drastically increasing damage output or critical rate. There are numerous options here so be sure to select the augments which relate to your playstyle. This goes hand in hand with previous point of Guiding Lands.

You can also augment armors, this is fairly simple, but you can greatly increase the amount of upgrades that your armor have and for some fights having maximized defense is essential.

Start speed running

Personally for me this is the real end game. Why is that? You will be putting best of your abilities to fight, tricks and understand the monster you are fighting. Check some speed runners in Youtube like Flawless: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisSkylight or Rainy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnWvb0VBY8XsIadVeC21UMA to see how tense these fights can get and how much calculations are go into them.

Armor looks AKA Fashion Wars

This is a bit more niche activity, but you could say if you have your taste you will find your audience. As Capcom have added many transmog options for your armor (almost all of armor looks can be used on any other items) you can get interesting looking characters. Moreover, if you have a feel for making stylish looking sets you are free to do that, and share it with community. One of the Monster Hunter World community members: XEliteGaming shared his styles with me:

MHW armors

MHW fashion armorsCan you beat that? That is up to you :)

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