Anti Fatalis charge blade builds

Anti Fatalis charge blade builds - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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I made a write up with the help of MDC Dashie. She is an expert at Monster Hunter builds and guided me on some of the key points. Now if you are still struggling with Fatalis you can start with these builds to maximize your chances of surviving the encounter and being useful in the group.



ANti Fatalis Charge blade elemental

A comfortable build for those that want to go full elemental. You will have high survivability, high elemental resistances (they won’t save you if you play badly). Sadly Guard skill doesn’t do much in this fight as you are easily punishable for using SAED or AED after guard pointing.

Moreover, Guard up will provide you some breathing room on most of his attacks as you will be able to defend against his fireballs, cone flame breaths and 360 flame attack.

Unfortunately this build lacks offensive capabilities, and to maximize your DPS you will need to be hitting his head, which is fairly hard to hit (SAED attacks can help you here, when he is on his fours). So you can use this build mostly for getting the hang of the fight or for some specific reason

Raw physical

Here I would recommend two builds. The first one is for those that want to go with Safi armor for high DPS.

Anti Fatalis charge blade Safi impact

You have Guard Up to defend against his flame attacks, you also have Evade Window level 3, which can be utilized after having some practice so not to waste your weapon sharpness on guarding.

You can switch the weapon for Safi Shattershield if you want Explosions. But having one Paralyze during the fight helps immensely. I also do not include Focus as you are not able to utilize SAED as much in this fight due to many punishment opportunities from Fatalis.

Second build is for those that do not want to use Safi armor and want to avoid the passive damage they receive from it.

Anti Fatalis charge blade Brachydios

With this build you go all in for phial damage. As with previous builds you have Guard Up, health Boost and Divine Blessing for maximum survivability. But with this build during his enraged mode your damage will be huge compared to previous ones when doing SAED, just do not overcommit using that attack.

If you have any questions or suggestions how this can be improved leave a comment below!


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