Dual Blades raw build with Fatalis armor pieces

Dual Blades raw build with Fatalis armor pieces - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

By Bob
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since safi weapons have become obsolete in face of kjarr and fatalis weapons you will need 3 pieces of teostra to create a master's touch build(High Rank and Master Rank armors are interchangeable) To see which teostra pieces to use we compare them

(The comparisons are going to be between Gamma and Master Rank Beta only as alpha, beta, and alpha + are just worse in every way if you have all the decos or most of them.)

(1<2<3<4<(1,1),etc(under certain circumstances a 4 is = to all of the ratings above it in others a 4,3 or 2 is invaluable and the use of all 1s are completely negated however fatalis armor solves this problem completely, also sometimes 1=2=3 can be the case this happens a lot with fatalis armor just because of its ridiculous slotage))

Kaiser Crown Gamma:4,2,2

Kaiser Crown Beta +:4,4(nobody really cares about latent power but if you do then just add 2 and do that he amount of times the skill is on the armor piece)

Kaiser Mail Gamma:2,2

Kaiser Mail Beta +:4,1,1

Kaiser Vambraces Gamma:4,3,1

Kaiser Vambraces Beta +:4,3,2

Kaiser Coil Gamma:1,1(basically worthless)

Kaiser Coil Beta +:4,2,1

Kaiser Greaves Gamma:4,3,1

Kaiser Greaves Beta +:4(basically worthless)

So the best in each category is ...

Head: tie(until the full build is complete because beta + has more armor but gamma is a tiny tiny bit more efficient)

Chest: Probably Beta +(needs the full build)

Arms: easy win for Beta + but not by a lot.

Waist: Easy win for Beta +

Legs: Easy win for the Gamma

Now for the Fatalis Armor(we will only compare beta + to alpha + when the alpha + actually has some useful skills)

beta + head:4,4,4

beta + chest:4,4,4,2

alpha + chest:4,4,3,2

beta + arms:4,4,4,2

alpha + arms:4,2,1

beta + waist:4,4,4,4

ALPHA + waist:4,4,3,3,2,1 😳

beta +:4,4,4

so now the best out of each


beta + (relative to rest of set) meh

beta + ooh

beta + ooh

ALPHA + holly molly

beta + meh

so for the combinations we don't want the meh parts on fatalis and all the teostra armor pieces are all just about as efficient as one another(some are tiny bits more efficient than others) + we really want the alpha waist here's are solutions

beta + teostra head(if it doesn't pass test we choose the gamma head instead)

beta + fatalis chest (because beta + teostra chest/gamma teostra chest is a tiny bit worse than the arms of teostra beta + )

beta + teostra arms

ALPHA + fatalis waist

gamma teostra legs

now returning to teostra armor set we resolve the ties/indecisives

mandatory skills weakness exploit and crit boost 2,2,2,2,2,2

so does the armor set have what it takes(all 2s/3s on the armor set are weakness exploits/indecisive)

weapon:no 2 or 3(fatalis)

head:no 2 or 3





this adds up to 7 2s/3s which exceeds our 6 2s goal(the reason why we don't include 4s is because its a waste to put one of those 2 skills mentioned above in them as they don't have many good combinations however fatalis armor is so efficient that we can slot in most of the "secondary skills" in so this test is kinda obsolete but there's no way to know that besides actually making the build.)

which means we get to keep the beta + head

now just augment 2 times for affinity and slot in full expert, tenderizer, agitator, attack boost and critical and you are good to go(if you find you still have room after all that which you will if you have the good jewels then you can slot in either dragon attack, tool specialist, heroics(good for evasion mantle) or whatever skill makes your weapon class specifically stronger(dual blades marathon runner, lance guard, etc) )

here's a build I useAlt text


this is a raw build for those who don't wanna farm kulve for her stupidly rare weapons its also great for the guiding lands if you are running heroics build and don't want to go back to base camp.