Looking for a Heavy bowgun build against Fatalis - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

By Mikelandgel
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I have been playing Heavy bowgun and plan to take on Fatalis tomorrow. Does someone have any builds to share?

As obvious as it sounds, I will not have its gear, as I haven't beaten him



I also used HBG back when I fought Fatalis. If you build well, HBG can provide a great mix of DPS and protection. A shielded HBG is best here in my opinion, since it will keep you alive when you get caught in one of Fatalis’ enormous AOE attacks. I’d recommend Safi’s Burstcannon (shooting spread 3), with 1 recoil reduction awakening and 4 attack up awakenings.

Keep in mind that Fatalis does too much chip damage for a normal HBG tank build to handle, and you can get carted even when blocking with Guard Up (all attacks except his giant 1 shot are blockable with Guard Up). I ran 4 shield mods, 1 close range mod, Guard 5, and Guard Up. This brought the chip damage down to a reasonable level. I also used Divine Protection 3 to decrease damage further. Fire res 3 will help lots with his breath attacks.

Besides these defensive skills, use any gem space you have left to bring offensive skills and HBG essentials. Spread gems, Free elem/ammo up, and critical eye plus whatever skills you use to increase affinity. It’s up to you how you balance offense and defense skills, but I personally favor defense for this fight because of how easy it is to faint.

For armor, I used 2 pieces of Furious Rajang (specifically the ones that give Max Might) and 3 pieces of Safi. The 2 furious Rajang pieces give Max Might secret and Max might 5, so that’s a free 40% affinity as soon as stamina fills, and the 3 safi pieces give another 20%, so 65% affinity with Safi HBG before gems or charms.

The most important parts of this build are the 4 shield mods, Guard 5, and Guard Up. After these you should prioritize HBG essentials, and third try to fit Fire Res and Divine Protection. Damage-increase skills should come after all of these.

Good luck fighting Fatty, hunter!

Okay, I like what you are saying. I tried to make similar builds to these: https://imgur.com/a/zGK6eBc

However, I do not have some of the decorations. But also I died quite often and easily.

I think what you are saying is what I need. It is specifically made for a noob like me :) And I hope group members can cover me for my lower damage.

Wish me luck!