Craftable End game bow builds Pre Fatalis - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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In this post I will try to cover what builds are there if Safijiva or Kulve events are not available to you.

If you are looking for Iceborne progression builds check here.

The builds concentrate on Silver Rathalos armor. He can be unlocked at Master rank seventy.

I tried to make builds friendly to casual players. They do not have "the best" DPS, however, they are easily accessible

Lightning/Thunder builds

This build is more of an entrypoint, but it really shines, due to Kirin's Longarms beta+. Moreover, Despot's Earlybolt is easily accessible which you can use to deal medium amount of damage.

Iceborne end game bow lightning build

If you have access to good Physique jewels, try to utilize that to your advantage. You can then take Shick Charm and make your build more offensive.

Iceborne end game bow lightning build

Now if you managed to beat Furious Rajang, you will have access to crafting his bow

. It has amazing stats, and all coatings, except sleep, can be used with it. Truly remarkable bow

Unfortunately, you lose a decoration slot with it

mhw iceborne lighning bow build end game

Fire builds

Here it is quite simpler, and you can get accessible build easily. The main weapon is Glavenus Arrow 2. You still have three 4th level decoration slots. So use them based on your preference. If you have offensive jewels, like tenderizer or critical eye.

iceborne fire bow build endgameIf you have Physique jewels to increase Constitution feel free to use them and switch to either Challenger Charm V for agitator or Master’s Charm for Critical Eye

iceborne bow silver rathalos build

For the biggest Fire damage you can craft Anjanath Flamebow II. However, you will lose some affinity. To tip the scales and maximize your affinity use Agitator and Critical eye

Sivler Rathalos fire bow build

Water builds

Unfortunately for these builds you will probably need good decorations to fully utilize them. They are generous on decorations slots, but to have them filled up you will need good Level 4 Jewels. Here is something with what you can start:

iceborne bow build meta waterIf you have access to good Physique jewels for the increased constitution, feel free to update your build, with Flood Charm V. This will allow you to free some space from Water jewels. Now you can use either put in defensive/offensive decorations on how you are able to handle combat situations.

Silver rathalos water bow buildIce builds

If you do not have good level 4 decorations of Physique and Tenderizer, unfortunately, this is the best that you can get. You can also sacrifice one of Tenderizer jewels, but this will lower your DPS drastically.

Still, this is a good matchup for a starting out with good Ice builds

iceborne bow build ice metaHaving good Physique and Tenderizer jewels will allow you to cover the weakness of Edelescha (having no slots). This is a much stronger build, with a higher critical rate of 85%.

MHW icebrone Edelescha ice bow build

Another alternative is using Mist Glacia, Which has much bigger elemental damage. But loses on affinity. Still, it is a good choice if you prefer one bow over another

mhw iceborne ice build bowDragon builds

There are not many enemies that are weak to Dragon. However, there are two builds which I would like to recommend.

For the first one, I would recommend Dragonseal Aldbow 2. The issue is that it doesn’t have second level decoration slot. Which you can use to insert tenderize jewel. However, if you feel that Constitution skill level is too low, replace it with either Forceshot or Spread jewel.

mhw iceborne dragon bow buildIf you have managed to beat Alatreon, you can improve dragon build by getting Escadore Sheath alfa+ greaves. They provide plus four Dragon attack which replaces your Charm. Moreover, the bow has humongous 600 Dragon elemental damage. So do not forget to augment it.

Otherwise, Physique jewels help tremendously.

iceborne alatreon bow buildConclusion

Thank you for reading and feel free to leave any comments if you have ideas how to improve the builds



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