Bow Meta elemental builds with Event gear. Pre Fatalis - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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Due to the end of new content support, events in Monster Hunter World are in full swing. You can easily get Kjarr, Safi equipment to make the best end game builds if you have smaller bank for decorations. Elemental bows really shines with this gear.

I will try to make these builds as accessible as possible. By that I mean, use easily obtainable decorations. Although you will lose some DPS this will still provide great damage

General equipment

The builds will mostly be using Safi 5 piece armor set. Although this set is disadvantageous (losing some hp each hit), you will have a big regen boost every few attacks.

Moreover, it provides some great survivability skills, like Evade Window, which makes iframing (dodging through monster attacks and roars) much easier.

Decorations and skills

Your main skills for offense are:

  • Bow Charge Plus (Might Bow jewel) – increases bow charge level, so you do four shot with your fourth quick shot attack

  • Weakness exploit (Tenderizer Jewel) – increases affinity against enemy weak spots, results in more critical hits

  • Elemental skill (frost, thunder, fire, etc.) – increases your elemental damage

  • Constitution (Physique Jewel) – decreases stamina drain

  • Critical Boost – increases damage for critical hits. And you will be doing a lot of them.

  • Spread/Power Shots (Spread Jewel) – optional if you have spare slots. Gives additional damage for your normal attacks.

  • Normal Shots (Forceshot Jewel) – optional, gives more damage on normal arrows.

Defensive skills that are good to have. Use them if you are dying fairly often:

  • Health boost – increases your vitality

  • Speed Eating – can chunk potions much faster

  • Divine Blessing – there is a chance that the damage received will be drastically reduced.

  • Elemental resistance (fire, water, dragon, etc.) - can nullify blight effects or decrease received damage from them

Universal elemental build (for dragon element go to next section)

iceborne elemental bow meta build

This is a universal elemental build, which means by changing bow element and equipped charm you can make it fire, ice, etc. build.

The build is fairly easy to make as you do not need many rare jewels. Your aim is to have 3-4 constitution. Due to the Safi 5 piece set, you will have 100% affinity resulting in all critical hits (and hitting monster weakspots while they are tenderized)

The bow should always be Kjarr or Taroth. The reason being that you will need Critical Element skill.

Using Taroth bows will require you to have a Free Element skill level 3. It unlocks the locked elemental damage of the weapon:

mhw iceborne bow elmental end game buildYou still have spaces for other jewels. You can either use defensive ones, listed above. Or you can go for more offensive ones, the optional or normal attack like Agitator (increases attack during enraged monster status), Resentment (increases damage while you have red recoverable hp) and attack boost.

Dragon Element build (outlier)

Things change here a bit unfortunately. The best bow for dragon damage is Alatreon Commandment. It has 600 elemental value. You can use the build above with dragon element equipping Kjarr Decay or Tarroth Arrow Decay. However, you will be missing on a lot of damage.

For this case I would suggest to go for Silver Rathalos armor set to get True Critical Element skill. Because without it your elemental attacks do no critical hits

Endgame dragon element bow build mhwYou still have some free slots for defensive jewels, or offensive (if you don’t get hit often).


Even if you do not have many good decorations you can still make builds that are best for surviving encounters while dealing decent damage.

Feel free to leave your feedback if this build worked for you and what can be improved.


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