Fast Bow guide with 12 tips - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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1. Dragon piercer should go through whole body

Aim Dragon piercer through the longest part of the monster body. What I mean, try to either hit from the tail or head, so that it goes through the whole body. This will result in more damage

2. Use Arc shot for impact damage

Arc shot deals impact damage, which after certain threshold results in a knockdown. Works really well when in single player and especially against the monsters which you can predict

3. Perma Stun with bow's Arc shot

You can use quick shot attacks repeteadly to do a simple combo, which will continue to drop rocks for impact damage. The only way to stop this is if you are out of stamina. You can also incorporate Slugger skill in the build for maximum effectiveness.

4. Most important offensive skills

  • Mighty Bow – allows additional charge, which results in more arrows shot

  • Constitution – reduces consumption of stamina when moving around. Works with Charging sidestep.

  • Critical Element/True Critical Element – allows to do critical hits with elemental damage. Can get from Rathalos set in base game. For Iceborne Velkahana 2 piece and Silver Rathalos 4 piece sets provide it.

  • Critical Eye – increases affinity which results in more critical hits, works well with Critical Element

  • Critical Boost – increases your critical damage

  • Weakness Exploit – increases affinity greatly to enemy weakspots (usually head) and adds more affinity if the part is tenderized.

  • Elemental skill – thins includes Ice attack, Fire attack, etc.

5. Most important Defensive skills

  • Health boost – more hp

  • Speed Eating – can chug potions faster

  • Elemental resistance – fire resistance, water resistance, etc. Can neglect damage from the element and disable relevant blight effect: burning, water blight, etc.

6. Close range coating is not always good

Close range coating gives damage at close range. However, if you get a little too far and already some of your arrows may miss. So check if you can keep close distance, if not, change to Power coating or none.

7. Maintaining charge with sidestep

Once you reach the highest charge of the bow (it starts to glow red) you can continue shooting in this state. To do that use sidestep after each shot to continue holding charge level.

8. Additional damage when tenderizing

After you tenderize monster you will jump off. Don’t forget to use power shot while aiming, to hit monster for additional damage

9. Bow is an elemental weapon

Contrary to what it may look like, bow is elemental weapon at heart. The reason is that it has fast attacks, which plays well with these type of weapons. So try to investigate what element the monster you are fighting against is weak to

10. Do not use Full charged shot

Charging shots is not effective. While you are doing it you do not do any DPS. You can achieve the same result by doing 2 normal shots and the third one will be fully charged shot

11 Effectively applying status with Full charged shot

It all changes when you use status coatings: paralyze, poison or sleep. Because in Monster Hunter World status accumulate based on the damage you do and how often you hit. So doing fast weak shots will waste your coatings. So you should use fully Charged shot. Combine it with sidestep and loop it for fast status effect.

12. Eat for Felyne Blackbelt and Sharpshooter skills

In canteen try to eat for Felyne Blackbelt and Felyne Sharpshooter skill. The first one reduces stamina consumption and should be your priority. The second one increases your damage. To create custom platter for this use 4 ingredients from brown/orange row and 2 ingredients from yellow row


Hope this will help you to know and learn more about the bow!


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