Silver Ingot in White Orchard - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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You are probably on the journey to craft your first Silver Sword. Due to this, you will need Silver Ingots, which are hard to find in White Orchard. Silver Ingot is necessary to craft Silver Swords. Let me share the locations where they can be found

Silver Ore

These materials are the most abundant. You will need to unlock the blacksmith and they can craft ingots with 2 ores.

White Orchard Village

One of the village houses contains silver ore. Be sure to check it and loot all the containers around it

withcer 3 white orchard silver ore location

Your own base Witcher Sword

Second Silver Ore can be obtained by dismantling (can be done at the blacksmith) your base silver sword.

Silver Ingot

These are ready to be instantly used for crafting Silver weapons

Abandoned Village

This is the place that contains a single Silver Ingot in one of the houses. Be sure to loot all of the containers. It is in the south of the area

withcer 3 white orchard silver ingot location

The area contains a wraith, so have ready Yrden spell and Spectre oil.

Pure Silver

These can be dismantled into Silver Ingots

Bandit Camp

Once you are finished with the village, go to the nearby camp, where there will be a group of bandits. They can be finished fairly easily.

withcer 3 white orchard pure silver location

Loot all the containers, and you will find Pure Silver. Go to the blacksmith and dismantle it for Silver Ingot.


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