Best Early Beginner Silver Swords

Best Early Beginner Silver Swords - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The early game for Witcher 3 can be very daunting, especially if playing on higher difficulties. For this reason, you will need to get the best Silver swords that you can find early in the game.

Viper Silver Sword

This is the earliest sword that you can get. It will be extremely helpful in fighting Ghouls and wraiths that you encounter in White Orchard.

  • Requires Level 1
  • +10% Aard Sign intensity
  • +10% Chance to poison
  • +20% Bonus experience from monsters
  • One Rune Slot

To get it you will need to defeat Wraith in the Cemetry

viper silver sword location witcher 3

Being a part of the legendary Viper School Gear, the Viper silver sword grants a +20% bonus experience from slaying monsters which makes this weapon ideal for newbies who want to level up faster.


A very good blade that comes with excellent bonus effects:

  • Requires Level 2+
  • +1-5% Yrden Sign intensity
  • +10-15% Critical hit damage bonus
  • +1-5% Critical hit chance
  • +1% Chance to freeze
  • Three rune slots

It can be found in the Pontar River at the Spoils of War icon Southwest of Mulbrydale and Northeast of Crow's Perch.

moonblade location witcher 3

Be sure to be ready for water combat as there will be drowners. Use your crossbow to take them out

Griffin Silver Sword

The weapon is one of the last recommendations that I can give before you concentrate on the mid-game and the rest of the journey:

  • Requires Level 11
  • +5% Sign intensity
  • +20% Bonus experience from monsters
  • One Rune slot

Griffin Silver sword diagram location witcher 3

Yet another item from a collection of Witcher gear, the Griffin Silver Sword can be located in the abandoned lighthouse of Lornruk, located on the far Northwestern tip of Velen. The drawbridge to the tiny island has been raised, and a level 14 Wyvern guards the lighthouse.

You will need to get inside and loot one of the chests. This can be done either through an underwater tunnel nearby or by jumping through the bridge and reaching a wall.

Griffin Silver sword diagram chest witcher 3


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