Best Early Game skills

Best Early Game skills - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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This post will cover the best early-game skills that you can get on Witcher 3. This will allow you to better enjoy the game and give some guidance on how to progress.

I provide recommended skills from each of the categories. Generally, early in the game, you should pick one General skill and then concentrate on one or two other trees.

Of course, if you want additional help, check these early-game builds that I recommend.

Combat Skills

These abilities are combat-related and generally increase your physical damage with swords and crossbows.

Muscle Memory

A basic perk that increases fast attack damage. Although this looks very simple your main attacks will be fast sword hits. Due to this, the perk provides the largest boost to overall damage throughout the early Witcher 3 game.

muscle memory description witcher 3

It is recommended for any type of build early on as you will still mostly use sword attacks.


Take it as a progression ability, but also a good passive skill. It will reduce the adrenaline lost from being hit

resolve description witcher 3

This is very important early in the game while you are still learning its combat. Moreover, to unlock second-tier abilities this is the second-best skill that can be used for any build.

Precise Blows

A second-tier combat skill. It will improve critical damage and critical chance. Pick this per if you will concentrate more and more on swordplay.

precise blows description witcher 3

At the time you obtain this ability Geralt should have a decent amount of critical chance to fully utilize the Critical Damage boost.

Sings Skills

These Skills help early game Signs users to utilize Geralt's magic abilities.


delusion description witcher 3

One of the most recommended abilities in the early game. It unlocks new conversation options and allows gaining more XP in certain quests. Of course, it also improves Axii making it much more effective in combat

Sustained Glyphs

sustained glyphs description witcher 3

This is more a quality of life skill. It is good to have in case you have problems with wraiths or prefer to slow down enemies.

This can make the early game much easier as you will be able to jump around slowed-down enemies.

Active Shield

This skill is a total game changer on Deathmarch difficulty. It allows restoring HP with your Quen shield, by creating a constant barrier.

active shields description witcher 3

With it, you can easily fight much stronger enemies and restore your HP if you get hit.

Alchemy Skills


frenzy description witcher 3

This is an extremely useful early-game skill. It will allow Geralt to stop time if enemies counterattack. I love this ability as I like to play aggressively. This gives a short breather so that you could avoid incoming enemy attacks.

Heightened Tolerance

heightened tolerance description witcher 3

The alchemy skill is useful throughout the whole game. It gives a bigger threshold of high Toxicity. If it is reached Geralt starts losing HP, which can be very risky. By getting it you can drink more options before these effects start applying.

This skill closely relates to the next one

Acquired Tolerance

acquired tolerance description witcher 3

Another great perk that can be used throughout the game. It increases the total amount of Toxicity that you can have. So this means that overall Witcher can use more potions. Moreover, combined with Heightened Tolerance this will greatly boost overall Decoctions and potions you can use without starting to lose HP.

General Skills

These skills require 1 point investment to fully activate. However, they do not provide any bonuses from equipped mutagens.


gourmet description witcher 3

This is a very useful ability, especially on Broken Bones and Deathmarch difficulties. Unfortunately, meditation does not restore health and consumables can be used up quite fast when enemies hit hard

The ability will give 20 minutes duration for eaten food. This creates a constant Vitality regeneration.

Cat School Techniques

cat school techniques description witcher 3

Take this ability if you will concentrate on fast attacks and melee combat. The bonus is huge when you have all light armor pieces equipped.

Griffin School Techniques

griffin school techniques description witcher 3

The ability is perfect for those that heavily use Signs. If you have all of the medium equipment it gives 45% Sign intensity.


Thank you for reading the post. This should help you to choose early-game skills in Witcher 3. Once you start learning and get better at the game, feel free to adjust your abilities. Some of them can stay through the whole game, others become less useful as Witcher gets stronger.


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