All Places of Power Locations - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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This post covers all the locations of Places of Power in Witcher 3. By interacting with them Geralt gets a buff to one of the signs and one skill point. They are very useful for obtaining new abilities.

White Orchard - Places of Power

White orchard places of power locations witcher 3

Velen - Places of Power

Have in mind, the one at the bottom of the map, close to the Road to Bald Mountain, is only accessible later in the game, through the story quest

Velen places of power witcher 3 marked

Novigrad - Places of Power

novigrad places of power witcher 3 marked

Kaer Morhen - Places of Power

kaer morhen places of power witcher 3 marked

Skellige - Places of Power

This is the most spacious map, due to this I will split the locations by islands.


places of power svorlag skellige witcher 3


places of power urialla skellige witcher 3


places of power harviken skellige witcher 3

Ard Skellig

The one near Ancient Crypt is only reachable with Main story quest late in the game.

places of power ard skellig skellige witcher 3

Toussaint - Places of Power

Nothing special here, the locations are spread out throughout the map.

places of power toussaint witcher 3


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