Herbalists Locations - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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This post will cover complete Herbalists locations in Witcher 3

White Orchard


Tomira location herbalist witcher 3


herbalist white orchard location witcher 3


Olena's Grove

Appears once you liberate the area.

olena's grove herbalist location witcher 3

Hangman's Alley

Appears once the area is liberated

hangman's alley herbalist location witcher 3

Refugees' Camp

You will need to clear the area from bandits. Moreover, the icon may not always appear for the Herbalist

herbalist refugees camp witcher 3

Lurtch - Liberated Area

The Herbalist appears once you clear the area. The icon may not always appear, but you will find him there.

herbalist lurtch liberated camp witcher 3

Novigrad and Oxenfurt

Otto Bamber - Herbalist's Hut

herbalist's hut oxenfurt location witcher 3

Cunny of the Goose

The icon for Herbalist may not always appear, but he will be sitting on the bench outside

cunny of the goose herbalist witcher 3

Hierarch Square

Herbalist hierarch square location witcher 3

Glory Lane

Herbalist glory lane location witcher 3

Master Topical

You will need to save him from Fallen Knights that are 30+ level.

master topical herbalist location witcher 3


herbalist barrengarth location witcher 3


herbalist heddel location witcher 3


Kaer Trolde Village

kaer trolde village herbalist location witcher 3

Kvalheim Isle

You will need to save him from bandits that reside in the area

herbalist kvalheim isle location witcher 3

Ruined Inn

herbalist ruined inn location witcher 3

Druid's Camp

druids camp herbalist witcher 3


Castel Ravello Vineyard

herbalist castel ravello location witcher 3

Beauclair - Herb Store

beuclair herbalist location witcher 3


You will need to free her from the cave north of Trading Post. After that she will move to Coronata village.

herbalist coronata location witcher 3

Hortense Vineyard

You will need to clear the area from Giant Centipedes.

hortense vineyard herbalist witcher 3

Hermi Pinastri

Sometimes the icon will not be present but you can find it there in the location marked on the map. She can be found near her hut.

herablist pinastri location witcher 3


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