Confirmed! Wuthering Waves official release date

Confirmed! Wuthering Waves official release date - Wuthering Waves

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At present, Wuthering Waves, as one of the most popular mobile games, has finally ended the long wait. The official has provided the latest release date.

Wuthering Waves Official Release Date Has Been Confirmed

The official release date for the international version of the game has been confirmed as May 23, 2024. Players can find this information on the Apple App Store page.

If you are also playing Genshin Impact, the time of Wuthering Waves release date is around Version 4.6 second half. Baizhu and Wanderer might be the rerun characters.

Is it Worth Playing Wuthering Waves?

Wuthering Waves is a fun mobile game with high replay value, allowing players to experience different gaming sensations.

  • During the beta testing phase, it was evident that the game's art style and design were meticulously crafted, presenting a fresh and immersive gaming experience.
  • The game offers a wide variety of gameplay modes for players to choose from, along with a rich storyline and numerous main quests.
  • Players can also collect a variety of characters in the game and utilize different characters for battles, continuously upgrading and improving them with resources.
  • Many players have expressed great anticipation for the game due to its promising features, even though it hasn't undergone full public testing yet.


It is a good game and worth trying and playing.

Will Wuthering Waves a Better Game than Genshin Impact?

Wuthering Waves features a post-apocalyptic wasteland art style, primarily leaning towards cool color tones.


The difference between the two, with Genshin Impact leaning more towards a Japanese-style warm color palette, while Wuthering Waves adopts a post-apocalyptic wasteland style with cooler color tones, is ultimately subjective and depends on individual preferences.


The character designs in Wuthering Waves are all standard two-dimensional anime-style beauties, each with their own unique characteristics


Wuthering Waves shows great potential with its excellent combat feedback, impressive boss battles, and the inclusion of bio-organic abilities (similar to Pokémon). It's definitely worth looking forward to.

However, since it's only in the testing phase, there are several issues present in the game, including various bugs, combat jitter problems, and optimization issues with NPCs, among others. Hopefully, Wuthering Waves will continue to improve. It's hoped that the game will further enhance its strengths in boss battles and strive to deliver experiences akin to Monster Hunter!



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