Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide | What Should You Do In Game?

Wuthering Waves Beginner's Guide | What Should You Do In Game? - Wuthering Waves

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Hello everyone! The public beta for Wuthering Waves is coming soon. This game offers many innovative gameplay and combat mechanics. Many players might not know how to develop their characters in the early stages, so let me guide you through it.

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I. Character Development Guide

In Wuthering Waves, developing characters, weapons, and the eco system requires stamina. Each day, players receive a fixed 240 stamina points. It's crucial to utilize every point efficiently to clear dungeons, level up characters, and enhance weapon and attributes. Each map has limited upgrade points, so players need to strategize carefully to maximize their strength.

II. Ecosystem Guide

The ecosystem in Wuthering Waves is quite interesting and revolves around bosses. Essentially, all bosses act as treasure troves for players, dropping equipment or skill cards that can enhance the main character's abilities. However, there are two points to note: first, the drop rate for boss items is relatively low; second, the bosses are not particularly strong, sometimes even weaker than some smaller monsters.

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III. Equipment System Guide

The equipment system in Wuthering Waves is intriguing but can be tricky. The main and secondary attributes correspond to skills and equipment. Although you can mix and match freely, each piece of equipment only benefits from one main attribute bonus, while the secondary attribute only benefits from its own. Additionally, the equipment you obtain may not always be ideal, often requiring multiple attempts to get perfect gear.

IV. Gacha System Guide

The gacha system is the aspect players need to pay the most attention to. Characters and weapons are mixed together, and the pity system is not very clear, requiring players to spend significant resources (such as gacha tickets and diamonds) to draw.

Despite some drawbacks, Wuthering Waves is still a very enjoyable game. In addition to the open world, bosses, equipment, skills, and gacha system, there are also quests, multiplayer systems, and small features like loot boxes. Furthermore, the combat system is quite engaging, offering various battle strategies for players to explore.

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V. Tips for New Players

If you are a new player to Wuthering Waves and are unsure how to develop your characters, you can follow the guide provided here to complete your early-stage development. This will help you avoid wasting resources and quickly cultivate your characters.

By following these strategies, you can make the most of your early game experience in Wuthering Waves and build a strong foundation for your adventures. Happy gaming!


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