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Viper Silver Sword - Location and Diagram

Viper Silver Sword

viper silver sword icon witcher 3
Type Silver Sword
Tier Witcher item
Stats +10% Aard Sign intensity
+10% Chance to poison
+20% Bonus experience from monsters
Rune Slots 1
Damage 112-138

Viper Silver Sword is a Silver Sword in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Witchers use these weapons to fight monsters.

Viper Silver Sword - Diagram Location

It can be found in the Cemetry of White Orchard. You will need to defeat a Wraith and loot the dungeon

viper silver sword location witcher 3

Viper Silver Sword - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Leather Straps x1
Silver Ingot x2
Emerald Dust x1
Venom extract x1

Viper Silver Sword - Notes

  • This is a perfect early-game sword in White Orchard. it will make encounters with enemies like Wraiths much easier.
  • It can be challenging to obtain Silver Ingots here are tips on where to obtain Silver Ingots in White Orchard