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Doppler Decoction

Doppler Decoction

doppler decoction witcher 3
Type Potion
Tier Relic
Effect Increases critical hit damage when attacking from behind.
50% Increased damage
Charges 1
Duration 1800s
Toxicity 70

Doppler Decoction is a potion in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They provide various bonuses to Geralt and can only be consumed by witchers.

Doppler Decoction - Manuscript Location

  • Read the book The Bear Legend
  • Yolar - a druid at Gedyneith sacred oak tree. Resides in a cave

Doppler Decoction - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Dwarven spirit 1
Doppler mutagen 1
Han fiber 1
Longrube 1

Doppler Decoction - Notes

  • Very useful if you are able to get around the enemies with disabling effects like burning or staggers. Then strike from behind