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Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets

Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets

Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets witcher 3
Type Heavy Armor
Tier Relic
Stats +5% Resistance to piercing damage
+5% Resistance to bludgeoning damage
+5% Resistance to slashing damage
+5% Resistance to damage from monsters
+50% Critical hit damage bonus
Require Level 31
Glyph Slots 2
Armor 65

Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets are a Heavy Armor piece in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They are middle-category armors that give adequate damage protection

Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets - Location

  • Urialla Harbor Armorer - he will be in the port village of the island. He sells diagrams glyphs and materials
  • Armorer Larvik - an armorer found in Larvik village, Skellige. He sells items and glyphs
  • Armorer Kaer Trolde - journeyman armorer in the castle of Kaer Trolde
  • Vermentino - an armorer that is rescued from the bandits in Toussaint
  • Freinte Docks - Journeyman armorer that can be found in Toussaint after clearing the area
  • Mont Crane Castle - armorer appears there once it is cleared from Hanse bandits in Toussaint
  • Tulasens Caves - armorer appears once the area is cleared of Hanse bandits
  • Tourney Grounds - armorer that can be met at Tourney ground in Toussaint
  • Francollarts - armorer in the small village close to Beauclair city in Toussaint
  • Lazare Lafargue - a grandmaster blacksmith and armorer that can make the best witcher gear
  • Hauteville - master-level armorsmith that also sells some materials and gear

Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets - Diagram Location

Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
Cured leather 1
Dark steel ingot 2
String 1

Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets - Notes

  • The gauntlets are very powerful as they offer a 50% critical damage increase. However, it often can be offset by a decent increase of attack power from some witcher gear.
  • The gauntlets become very powerful once you reach a 30-35% critical chance or start using the Aerondight sword, or Rend skill.