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levity witcher 3
Type Glyphword
Tier Level 3
All equipped armor items are treated as Light Armor.

Levity is a Glyphword in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They were introduced with Hearts of Stone expansion and added unique effects for armor.

To add them you will need to find a Runewright at the far end of the map of Novigrad. Recommended level is 30+.

Have in mind that you will need to pay 30 000 Crowns in total to unlock all enhancements

runewright location witcher 3

Levity - Crafting requirements

Item Quantity
greater glyph of arrd witcher 3Greater Glyph of Aard 1
Greater Glyph of Mending 1
Greater Glyph of Reinforcement 1

Levity - Tips

This is a very powerful glyphword. It can be combined with Cat School Techniques skill, and get damage benefits for any type of armor - medium and heavy. It also works perfectly with Nilfgaardian guardsman's gauntlets, as then you can get the skill and bonus 50% critical hit damage