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Superior Swallow - manuscript location, effects

Superior Swallow

superior swallow witcher 3
Type Potion
Tier Relic
Effect Accelerates Vitality regeneration. Taking damage does not interrupt regeneration.
150 Vitality regeneration
80 Vitality regeneration per enemy killed during combat
Charges 5
Duration 20s
Toxicity 20

Superior Swallow is a potion in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They provide various bonuses to Geralt and can only be consumed by witchers.

Superior Swallow - Manuscript Location

  • The location is mostly random and it can be looted from multiple chests in the game map - specifically Guarded ones.
  • The Gremist - is a druid and a master alchemist who can be found in Ard Skellig
  • Yolar - a druid at Gedyneith sacred oak tree. Resides in a cave

Superior Swallow - Crafting Requirements

Item Quantity
White Gull 1
Enhanced Swallow 1
Berbercane fruit 6
White myrtle petals 6
Celadine 4
Crow's eye 4
Vitriol 2

Superior Swallow - Notes

  • Extremely useful on Daethmarch where you cannot recover HP by meditating.