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Amulet of Misty Step

Amulet of Misty Step
Misty StepLevel 2 Conjuration Spell
This necklace allows the wearer to cast Misty Step.

Made of blue gems unique to a privately-owned mine in Menzoberranzan, this necklace was likely a token of esteem - or perhaps a desperate attempt to win its recipient's mercy.

Location - Amulet of Misty Step

Obtained from the chest inside the Defiled Temple that can be found inside Goblin Camp. This is available during Act 1.

First, you must enter the fortress inside Goblin Camp. The doors to enter the temple are on the left side of the building:

access to defiled temple in goblin camp baldurs gate 3

There will be multiple options to enter the room, but the most straightforward one is to go through the location marked on the map, which goes through the Priestess Gut room.

Inside you will have to fight or persuade Polma - a level 4 Ogre. She is the guardian of another room. Inside of it, you will find a chest with an amulet inside.

amulet of misty step chest in defiled temple bg3