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Band of the Mystic Scoundrel

Band of the Mystic Scoundrel
Illusion Quickening: After hitting a creature with a weapon attack, you can cast illusion or enchantment spells as a bonus action.
What better way to disguise one's transgressions than a quickly positioned phantasm after the deed is done?

Location - Band of the Mystic Scoundrel

The item can be obtained in Act 3. As you enter Rivington you will see a gated area, behind which lies a Circus. There you will encounter a Djinni named Akabi.

circus of the last days location akabi bg3

Now you will need to win the jackpot in the spinning wheel event. Overall you need to pass a 20 DC Perception check, to understand that situation that the Djinni is cheating. However, this can be avoided.

I do recommend preparing some Invisibility potions as only one person will be teleported to the Jungle. There will be multiple enemies that you will want to avoid.

Option with Bard

This option still requires you to pass the Perception check but will unlock a way to win the lottery without stealing. You need to be a Bard for this option to appear.

Once you pass a Perception check of 20 difficulty you will notice that he is cheating. You can then try again to spin a wheel with a special selection - "Spin the wheel, watching for an opportunity to distract Akabi", this is only available to bards.

Then you can pass a performance check with a DC of 15 and win the jackpot. He will be angered and you will be teleported to the Jungle

Steal the Dinni Ring

So another option is to steal the ring from his inventory. Normally, you would be informed of this if you passed the Perception check mentioned previously. You do not need to pass this, as we already know that the ring is in his inventory.

Once you steal the ring from his inventory (it should be easy to do) just play the game again, win the lottery, anger the Djinni, and be teleported to the Jungle.

Entering the Jungle

This is where things get. I would recommend drinking invisibility potions once you enter the area and you are free to start exploring. Be mindful of the potion duration and drink again once it is close to ending.

There will be two key items you want.

Band of Mystic Scoundrel

A very powerful ring that you can loot at the top of the cave, found near a dead adventurer. This is on the upper part of the map:

band of mystic scounrel location bg3

You will need to jump some ledges and climb the cave:

band of mystic scoundrel backpack bg3


This is a very powerful weapon that you will want to get. It will be found near the exit of the Jungle - an isle with a portal.

nyrulna location jungle bg3

There you will find a locked chest. Overall, if you cannot unlock it, just pick it up, and leave the area through the portal. Later, you can drop it in camp and unlock it with the help of other characters or necessary buffs.