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Bhaalist Armour

Bhaalist Armour
Very Rare Light Armour
Shield Icon 14
Armour Class
Aura Of Murder: Enemies within 2m become Vulnerable to Piercing damage, unless they are Resistant or Immune to it.
Ambusher: Gain a +2 bonus to Initiative Rolls.
Bhaal, Lord of Murder, was forced to walk the world as a mortal man during a period of history called the Time of Troubles. He was more vulnerable than he had ever been.

But Bhaal was cunning. He had contingencies in case he died.
Light Armour

Location - Bhaalist Armour

The armour is obtained in Act 3. You have to become an Unholy Assassin in the Muder Tribunal. After that a special trader is unlocked - Echo of Abazigal, which sells the armor.

echo of abazigal merchant location murder tribunal bg3

How to Become an Unholy Assassin?

There are multiple ways to become one, or rather multiple ways to acquire access to the Murder Tribunal. This mostly revolves around the quest - Impress the Murder Tribunal. Here are they:

  • Kill two targets from the Bloodstained Parchment. The list is found inside Fraygo's Flophouse in Wyrm's Crossing.
  • Kill Dolor, the other Assassin, who is also following the Bloodstained Parchment for murders. You will encounter him near one of the murder targets. Once you take him out, loot his collected fingers and a note on how to enter the Tribunal.
  • Once Orin asks you, kill Enver Gortash, and use his hands as proof.

After you have done one of the above, you can go to Candulhallow's Tombstones:

candulhallows tombstones location act 3 lower city act 3 bg3

In the room on the far end, remove the painting where you will find a hidden button. You will enter the Tribunal, where you will have to present proof of your deeds.

This will allow you to converse with Sarevok and take a step toward becoming an Unholy Assassin.


This is currently one of the most overpowered armors for melee ranged builds. You can use various piercing weapons - Nyrulna, Shar's Spear of Evening, Crimson Mischief, etc. to activate its effect and deal double damage.

It is even the best considering that you sacrifice higher armor class, as enemies will drop dead before they can attack you.