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Boots of Genial Striding

Boots of Genial Striding
Genial Strider: The wearer's movement speed is unimpeded by Difficult Terrain.
The soles of these boots warp and shift like warm clay manipulated by an unseen sculptor's hands.

Location - Boots of Genial Striding

Can be purchased from Blurg in Mycnoid Colony - Underdark. This is the Act 1 location.

Blurg Location act 1 bg3There are three main ways to get into Underdark:

  1. Go through Zhentarim's Base near the Waukeen's Rest. There is a lift behind the illusionary wall at the far end of the tunnel, near the wolves.
  2. Enter through the Defiled Temple in Shattered Sanctum, Goblin Camp.
  3. Enter through Teahouse, where you fight Ethel. You have to wear her special mask to see the illusion of the wall.


The boots are useful for almost any martial class that uses melee weapons. Sadly they do not give immunity to the terrain effects. Overall, they are still very good option for boots throughout the most of the game