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Broodmother's Revenge

Broodmother's Revenge
Venomous Revenge: Whenever the wearer is healed, their weapon becomes coated in magic and deals an additional DealDamage(1d6,Poison).
Each of this amulet's jewels shines like a viper's eyes.

Broodmother's Revenge - only amulet with direct bonus damage

No matter how strangely sounds, this is currently the only amulet in the game that provides direct bonus damage. It is a decent boost making it a very powerful choice for many builds in the game.

The main downside is that it uses a coating slot, which sometimes can be problematic. This is easy to fix as you either don't heal yourself or remove the amulet for the encounter. It works well on Fighter Builds as they do multiple attacks with their Extra Attacks.

Location - Broodmother's Revenge How to obtain

The amulet is obtained from Kagha in Druid's Grove in Act 1. You will find her inside the Emerald Grove with some other druids.

kagha location druids grove bg3

You can either kill or make her unconscious and take the amulet. Check the video below for the steps:

The main idea is to:

  1. Make sure to enable Non-Lethal Attacks in the passives tab.
  2. Enable turn-based mode.
  3. Summon Fog Cloud or Darkness, so that nobody would know that Kagha is being attacked.
  4. Lower her HP and finish her off with a melee or unarmed attack so that "Non-Lethal" would activate.
  5. Once she is knocked out, enter sneak mode and steal the amulet from her.
  6. After that go to the Camp and take a long rest.
  7. Return to the waypoint of Emerald Grove Environs.
  8. Go by foot to the Emerald Grove, where Kagha is.
  9. She will not want to talk with you, but you can use Barter Mechanic to give her free stuff and improve her opinion of you.
  10. Once that is done you can interact with her normally and resolve the story in your preferred way.