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Club of Hill Giant Strength

Club of Hill Giant Strength
Splinters of a Giant's Might: Increases Strength to 19.
Proficiency with this weapon type unlocks:
Though this rotting chair leg doesn't look like much, every splinter vibrates with barely-contained power.
Clubs Light

Location - Club of Hill Giant Strength

Found in Act 1. You will need to reach Underdark. You will visit this area as part of the Omeluum quest.

club of hill giant strength location bg3

Once you are there, you will still need to reach the top floor. You must reach the bottom floor, by jumping through balconies or falling straight down to the bottom. You can use potions like Potion of Feather Fall.

jump from the top arcane tower underdark bg3

There, pick a flower - Sussur Bloom from the garden and use that to activate machinery in the basement. This will light up the whole tower and you can now use the elevators in the upper floors to reach the top.

sussur bloom and power generator arcane tower bg3

Now you can reach the top floor, where you will find Bernard. On the left side, there will be a stool that you can break (by interacting or attacking) and get the Club of Hill Giant Strength.

stool of hill giant strength bg3


This club is extremely useful for a combo with Titanstring Bow, where you want strength to improve your damage. This then becomes one of the best bows for the majority of the game.