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Gloves of Dexterity

Gloves of Dexterity
Very Rare

Increases the wearer's Dexterity score to 18

Attack +1

The point at which the gloves meet the wrist is form-fitting and very snug; almost a hint at the supple quickness and skill these gloves permit the wearer.

Location - Gloves of Dexterity

It is purchased from A'jak'nir Jeera in Creche Y'llek, Rosymon Monastery. This area is the last part of Act 1. You will need to go to Rosymorn Monastery Trail and reach the Creche through there. Enter the Monastery peacefully and avoid any combat. Otherwise, the trader that you need can become aggressive.

creche yllek location baldurs gate 3

The item is sold by the Githyanki Vendor - A'jak'nir Jeera. She will be found in the Warehouse part of the Monastery.

ajaknir jeera githyanki vendor in creche y'llek bg3