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Gloves of Power

Gloves of Power
Absolute's Bane: On a hit with a weapon attack, possibly inflict a -1d4 penalty to the target's Attack Rolls and Saving Throws.

SleightOfHand +1

Blessed by Priestess Gut, these gauntlets provide additional aid to any who bear the Absolute's mark upon their flesh.

Location - Gloves of Power

The gloves can be obtained in Act 1, early in the game before reaching Druid's Grove. There will be a combat encounter with a group of goblins near the gate to Druid's Enclave.

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They drop from the Goblin Boss - Za'Krug.


These gloves are an amazing item early on. First, they debuff enemies making it harder for them to hit or avoid your spells. Second, it makes it easier to pickpocket in the first town, collect your War Chest, and purchase good items from the Sleight of Hand bonus.