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Jorgoral's Greatsword

Jorgoral's Greatsword
2d6+1 Slashing

Weapon Enchantment +1

Proficiency with this weapon type unlocks:
Strong castle-forged steel surmounts a grip of sturdy leather - this immense sword is capable of disembowelling giants in a single swipe.
Greatswords Two-Handed

Location - Jorgoral's Greatsword

It can be obtained in two ways in Act 1:

Traveling on a boat to Grymforge

Once you board the boat to reach Grymforge, you will be approached by Duergar patrol. The main person will be Corsair Greymon.

You can loot the item from him if you decide to attack him. However, the items will be lost if he is shoved or pushed into the water.

Purchased in Grymforge

If you have not dealt with him on the boat, you can later find him in the area where Nere is being dug out and purchase the item:

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