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Melf's First Staff

Melf's First Staff
1d6+1 Bludgeoning
Arcane Enchantment: You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC and spell attack rolls.

Weapon Enchantment +1

Melf's Acid ArrowLevel 2 Evocation Spell
Proficiency with this weapon type unlocks:
In spite of (or perhaps because of) his suspiciously amusing name, the wizard Melf was actually quite a talented spellcaster and innovator in the field of the arcane. He even led an order called the Knights of Luna.
Quarterstaffs Versatile

Location - Melf's First Staff

Can be purchased from Blurg in Mycnoid Colony - Underdark. This is the Act 1 location.

Blurg Location act 1 bg3There are three main ways to get into Underdark:

  1. Go through Zhentarim's Base near the Waukeen's Rest. There is a lift behind the illusionary wall at the far end of the tunnel, near the wolves.
  2. Enter through the Defiled Temple in Shattered Sanctum, Goblin Camp.
  3. Enter through Teahouse, where you fight Ethel. You have to wear her special mask to see the ilusion of the wall.


This is one of the first weapons that provides Spell Save DC Boost. It is the most valuable stat for caster as it improves the success of spells. I recommend equipping Melf's staff on your most important caster that does control spellcasting or uses spells with Saving Throws.