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Phalar Aluve

Phalar Aluve
1d8+1 Slashing

Weapon Enchantment +1

Performance +1

Phalar Aluve: MelodyClass Actions
Proficiency with this weapon type unlocks:
The drow inscription on this blade appears to have been recently carved. It translates to: 'Though I have to leave you, I will dance forever in Eilistraee's light.'
Longswords Versatile Finesse

Phalar Aluve - best support weapon

This is a very powerful weapon, that may look nothing special from the first glimpse. However, it has a special effect - Phalar Aluve: Shriek. This creates an area of effect that deals a bonus 1d4 thunder damage for each hit that you or an ally lands. Combine it with multi-hit attacks and you greatly improve the group's damage per round.

In my opinion, it is best wielded by Cleric builds as they can get in close and have other ways of dealing damage besides direct attacks. This way they can support the group further by increasing their damage.

Another unique aspect is that this longsword has Finesse. It means that it can use Dexterity proficiency bonus if it is higher than Strength. It is the only Longsword to have this unique synergy.

Phalar Aluve - Location and How to Obtain

The weapon can be found in the Underdark, Act 1. It is stuck in stone and will be shining brightly from a distance, so should be hard to miss.

phalar aluve location underdark bg3

To reach Underdark, there are multiple ways:

  • Defiled Temple - through the stronghold of Goblin Camp
  • Zhentarim Hideout - entering the hideout through Waukeen's Rest secret hatch and then going deeper into the tunnels
  • Riverside Teahouse - passing the secret doors while wearing Whispering Masks in Overgrown Tunnel

This is a sprawling area with tons of exploration to do.

To get the sword it requires you to pass Strength of Religion checks of 15. Some classes like Clerics and Paladins also have specific checks. These reduce the Difficulty requirement or can even totally skip it. It does not matter who takes out the weapon it can be used by anyone after that.

phalar aluve strength and religion check bg3