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Sarevok's Wretched Armour

Sarevok's Wretched Armour
Very Rare Heavy Armour
Shield Icon 20
Armour Class
Magical Plate: All incoming damage is reduced by 2.
Withering Barrier: When you deal Necrotic damage, you gain GainTemporaryHitPoints(1d6). If a melee attack hits you while you still have temporary hit points, you deal DealDamage(1d6, Piercing) to all creatures within 3m.
This armour drips with dark ambition - the ambition of a failed godchild: Sarevok, spawn of Bhaal. Sarevok has not been remembered fondly by most historians, who almost unanimously agree that he had the general disposition of a sledgehammer.
Heavy Armour

Location - Sarevok's Wretched Armour