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Staff of Cherished Necromancy

Staff of Cherished Necromancy
Very Rare
1d6+2 Bludgeoning
Heightened Necromancy: Creatures have Disadvantage on Saving Throws against your Necromancy spells.
Life Essence Harvest: When the wielder kills a hostile creature with a spell, they greedily absorb its energy and gain Life Essence until their next Long Rest.

Weapon Enchantment +2

Proficiency with this weapon type unlocks:
Unlike their father, Thibault, Cherish Hollow was not afraid of zombies. Cherish was afraid of sharks, liquorice, wallpaper, Netherese artefacts, hats (large), the outdoors, the indoors, hats (small), and milk pails. Zombies were a bloody picnic.
Quarterstaffs Versatile

Location - Staff of Cherished Necromancy