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Staff of Spell Power

Staff of Spell Power
Very Rare
1d6+2 Bludgeoning
Arcane Enchantment: You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC and spell attack rolls.
Arcane Battery: Alleviate the arcane burden of spellcasting with the power of this staff. The next spell you cast doesn't cost a spell slot.

Weapon Enchantment +2

Proficiency with this weapon type unlocks:
A near-perfect relic that is only blemished by the collected palm-sweat of various archmagi from across the Realms.
Quarterstaffs Versatile

Location - Staff of Spell Power

The staff is only available in Act 3. First, you will have to locate Devil's Fee in Lower City:

devils fee location lower city bg3

Once inside, walk around and interact with the relics around the shop. After that talk with Helsik, this will give a dialogue option to unlock some better items. However, our goal is to get Ritual Pouch from her. The easiest way is just to steal it

helsik ritual pouch pickpocket bg3

Completing the Ritual

Now you are ready to do the ritual, go upstairs. There will be a trap, don't worry, you can walk through it and just unlock the door. You should not die from a few fireballs. Once you reach the second floor place the items from the ritual pouch in this order clockwise:

ritual item placement house of hope bg3

  1. Skull
  2. Coin of Mammon
  3. Diamond
  4. Incense

And at the center Infernal Marble.

Inside House of Hope

Once inside, be sure to speak with Hope. She can provide you with a disguise that will allow you to avoid the attacks of debtors. Head through the right room and up the stairs

inert infernal gem house of hope bg3

There you will reach Inert Infernal Gem. To interact with it, you will have to pass two checks - 10 DC Wisdom and 20 DC intelligence. This can be tried multiple times as the only downside is that you get knocked back. So do not waste your inspiration

inert infernal gem bg3 house of hope

Once inside, pick the Staff of Spell Power on the right side