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The Protecty Sparkswall

The Protecty Sparkswall
Rare Clothing
Shield Icon 10
Armour Class
High Spellcasting: You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC.
Sparkswall Armour: The wearer has a +1 bonus to Armour Class and Saving Throws as long as they have Lightning Charges.
Yrre the Sparkstruck was raised in the Underdark, so they weren't surprised that power begets envy, and envy begets violence. They were prepared.

Location - The Protecty Sparkswall

The Robe is obtained in Act 1, Grymforge. This requires you to get behind a flame gargoyle trap. You will have to move around the steel bridge to reach it easier.

Here is a video covering a very easy way to reach the chest:

Generally, there are two ways to go through the bridge filled with flame traps:

  1. Go around the area where Elder Brithvar is standing, there you can jump on a cliff and move around to reach the steel bridge. Jump through the bridge, and reach another tiled area. Continue there, and climb the ladder. Now use the Misty Step spell to get behind bars where the stone gargoyle is located.
  2. Go up the stairs and pass the trader. Go to the far end of the corridor (you will pass three Rothes and dead Dark Justiciars). There you will encounter a few druegars that are using Rothes to dig. Force the Rothes to destroy the wall. Fight with Druegar. Continue up the stairs and reach the bridge filled with flame traps. Go through it, by disarming or avoiding plates. At the end use the Misty Step spell to get behind bars where the stone gargoyle is located.

the protecty sparkswall location via trap bridge bg3

And here is the chest location on the ledge:

the protecty sparkswall location chest grymforge bg3


This is the best robe in Act 1, due to its +1 Spell Save DC. This improves spell success chance.