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Warm Pelt - how to obtain and usage

Warm Pelt

Rarity 4
Value 50z
Carry 99
Monster Kelbi
Locations Shrine Ruins (Low Rank)
Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
Flooded Forest (Low Rank)
Frost Islands (Low Rank)

Warm Pelt is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. These types of materials are acquired by doing quests, killing large and small monsters, or looting.

How to obtain Warm Pelt

Monsters that drop and location

  • Kelbi - you will need to hunt them and carve their bodies in Shrine Ruins (Low Rank), Flooded Forest (Low Rank) and Sandy Plains (Low Rank)
  • Anteka - hunt them in Frost Islands (Low Rank) and carve their bodies for Warm Pelt

Warm Pelt Usage

Weapons that use

  • Anteka Burst I
  • Rapidcaster II

Armors that use

  • Arzuros Helm (x1)
  • Bone Vambraces (x2)
  • Bullfango Mask (x2)
  • Droth Mail (x1)