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High-Quality Pelt - how to obtain and usage

High-Quality Pelt

Rarity 6
Value 330z
Carry 99
Monster Kelbi
Locations Shrine Ruins (High Rank)
Sandy Plains (High Rank)
Flooded Forest (High Rank)
Frost Islands (High Rank)

High-Quality Pelt is a material that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. These types of materials are acquired by doing quests, killing large and small monsters, or looting.

How to obtain High-Quality Pelt

Monsters that drop and location

  • Kelbi - you will need to hunt them and carve their bodies in Shrine Ruins (High Rank), Flooded Forest (High Rank) or Sandy Plains (High Rank)
  • Anteka - hunt them in Frost Islands (High Rank) and carve their bodies for these pelts

High-Quality Pelt Usage

Weapons that use

  • Anteka Blade I (x3)

Armors that use

  • Arzuros Helm S (x2)
  • Bone Vambraces S (x2)
  • Droth Mail S (x1)
  • Hunter's Helm S (x1)



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