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Monster Guts - usage and where to find it

Monster Guts

Monster Guts icon
Type Account Item
Rarity 4
Sell Price 66z
Buy Price -
Carry 99
Monster Delex
Locations Sandy Plains
Frost Islands


Monster Guts is an item that is found in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) game. These types of items are special and can be obtained through gathering, completing Quests hunting, and carving Monsters.

Monster Guts - How to Obtain

These are the sources and locations of where the material can be found:

Quest Reward

These quests have a chance to give the materials as a reward. Please check this guide to understand how quest rewards work

Rank Name Quest type
★4 Deliver the Liver Village Quest

Deliver the Liver

Monster Hunt Rewards

Table with details on where to find the monsters that can reward you with the material. You can check this guide to understand how reward sources work

Monster Material source
Delex iconDelex
Low Rank
Carve: Body 45%

Delex iconDelex
High Rank
Carve: Body 40%
Low Rank
Carve: Body 23%
High Rank
 Carve: Body 13%

Monster Guts - Usage

Account items are sold at the end of the quest. Moreover, they provide Kamura Points that have various uses: Argosy, Meowceneries, crafting, etc.