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Teostra: How to Beat, Weakness and Drops

Teostra: How to Beat, Weakness and Drops


teostra icon
Species Elder Dragon
Elements FireFire
Ailments FireFireblight
blastblight iconBlastblight
Resistances FireFire
Ailments Weakness Blast ⭐⭐
Waterblight ⭐⭐
Element weaknesses mhr water iconWater ⭐⭐⭐
mhr ice iconIce ⭐⭐
Parts weakness Cut damage type icon - Head
mosnter hunter blunt icon - Head
Monster hunter ammo icon- Head
Threat 8⭐
Locations Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns

Teostra - a Large Monster that you will encounter in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). These types of monsters are usually the main targets for hunt quests. They reward with crafting materials for armors and weapons.

This page is a detailed guide on Teostra, it covers all the needed details to be prepared for the fight with it.

This Elder Dragon is coming with the free title update on April 28th

Teostra - Characteristics

Teostra is an Elder Dragon returning from the previous series. It breathes fire and usually resides in hot and warm environments.

  • Unlock: HR 40
  • HP Base: -
  • HP Solo High Rank: -
  • Quests: The Emperor of Flame
  • Longest/Largest: 2004.96
  • Shortest/Smallest: 1825.95

Teostra - Combat Guide

Recommended equipment and loadout

  • Nulberries - optional, can easily be replaced by rolling to remove fireblight and blastblight
  • Fire resistance armors and decorations


When fighting Teostra its main weak point is the head. Try to look for the openings when you can hit it.

You will see Teostra change into few states, I will go through each of them and how you can utilize them to maximize your effectiveness in the fight.

But before that, a tip if you have Kushala armor set

Kushala Blessing skill

This is a major new skill that you obtain from Kushala Daora armor set:

Kushala blessing skill effects

This skill will give you these bonuses:

  • Increased water and ice attack
  • increased hp recovery for red portion
  • Nullifies heat damage

All of this is perfect for Teostra fight. The bad part is that you need a lot of materials and some of them quite rare to drop from Kushala Daora.

Another thing to consider is if you are using a weapon compatible with elemental damage. For example, fast-hitting weapons like Dual Blades are extremely effective with elemental damage.

However, for weapons like Greatsword or Gunlance, this may not be a good idea and you would rather concentrate on physical damage. I would even think of skipping this set altogether for this type of weapon.

Flame Cloak phase

This phase is fairly easy compared to the next one (mentioned in the next section). However, you should still have a few things in mind.

The Elder Dragon will become covered in flames:

Flame cloak phase teostra

Being close to Teostra will deal heat damage and apply fireblight if you stand for too long. This can be negated by using Kushala Daora's armor skill: Kushala Blessing,

On attack that Teostra jumps or lands from the air, there will be an additional explosion.

Exploding particle phase

This status is self-explanatory, you will see Teostra covered with Sparks. As the phase stays longer the color of the Dragon will be more intense. Moreover, the number of particles will also increase.

Teostra particle phase monster hunter rise

The main concern in this phase is explosions. After almost all attacks Teostra will leave fire spheres:

Teostra blast sphere

They explode after Teostra does some kind of attack. For example in the image above. Teostra would later do a lunge on me and that would make the sphere explode.

This is a bit of a puzzle as you constantly have to think of where the spheres are when evading from Teostra attacks.

However, if you Flinch Teostra the spheres disappear.

But that is not all...

As this phase progresses, Teostra will add new attacks to its arsenal. For example, it will create a large flaming circle that will explode after the animation ends:

teostra fire surround attack

As you can see when I move further away I have no problem evading it. Another option is to dodge into Teostra. This is much better as you can attack the Elder Dragon during the attack animation.


Teostra's signature attack is Supernova:

teostra supernova attack monster hunter rise

He will rise in the air and collect fire particles releasing them in a large explosion. The best way to avoid it is to use superman dive or just run away. The attack has fairly low range so there should be no problems avoiding it

Other attacks to keep in mind

Blast surround far

Teostra has a large arsenal of attacks. For example one of them is :

teostra blast surround far

The spheres will deploy around the Elder Dragon, but there will some space between its body and the circle. You have two options:

  • Move out of the circle as I did
  • Or roll into Teostra, hug its body and do a few attacks

The second option is obviously better. However, to pull it you need to do some practice.

Blast surround close

This is a similar move to the previous one. However, the blast spheres will now appear near Teostra's body:

Teostra Blast circles close to body

The best option here is either to Guard or roll away.

Wyvern Riding to the help

I recommend using Wyvern Riding to deal as much damage to Teostra as possible in these ways. The first one if you first mount Teostra

  1. Get on the Elder Dragon, hit a few times another monster. Then launch it so that it would hit that monster
  2. Now you can Wyvern Ride the second monster. Use its attacks to damage Teostra + Mounted Punisher when it is ready.

If you started Wyvern Riding, not on Teostra then do these steps:

  1. Damage Teostra as much as possible and when Mounted Punisher activates launch it to the Elder Dragon.
  2. Now you should be able to mount Teostra. You can hit the opponent monster a few times for more shinies. Now Launch it to the wall three times.

These options allow you to maximize your damage, without the risk of dying.

An additional tip for punishing attacks

I recommend looking for this specific move when Teostra is flying. It will move a bit backward and lunge into the hunter:

teostra flying lunge attack

The idea of this move is that Teostra will land just behind you. You can use this knowledge to roll, hop to the side. Wait for The Elder Dragon to land. And at the same time you can dish out some good attacks for a few seconds.

Guard Edge also works well here

I think this is the easiest and the best opening to pull out if you follow Teostra's moves.

Teostra - Weaknesses

This section covers the monster's weaknesses. To better understand the details about weaknesses, hitzones, broken parts, and ailments check out this guide.

Ailments vulnerabilities

This table explains what status effects the monster is weak to. Zero stars - monster is immune, three stars - monster is very weak to it.

Poison Sleep Paralysis Blast Stun
- - ⭐⭐
Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight Thunderblight Iceblight
- ⭐⭐

Breakable parts

These are the parts that you can break from the monster resulting in weakening his attacks and dropping additional materials

  • Head
  • Wings

Physical hitzone values

This section explains what type of weapon you should use and what monster parts to attack to deal the most damage. The higher the value the weaker the part is to the respective weapon.

Monster Part Cut damage type icon mosnter hunter blunt icon Monster hunter ammo icon
Head 50 55 45
Neck 33 38 5
Foreleg 38 38 15
Abdomen 24 24 10
Back 24 24 5
Wing 40 35 15
Hind Leg 30 25 20
Tail 43 33 38

Elemental hitzone values

These are elemental hitzone values for different monster parts. The higher the value the weaker it is to the said element

Monster Part Fire icon water icon thunder icon Ice icon dragon icon
Head 0 20 10 15 10
Neck 0 10 5 10 5
Foreleg 0 25 10 20 10
Abdomen 0 5 0 5 0
Back 0 5 0 5 0
Wing 0 5 0 5 0
Hind Leg 0 15 5 10 5
Tail 0 20 5 15 5

Teostra - Carves and Rewards

To better understand how rewards for hunts, quests, and carves work in Monster Hunter Rise check this guide. It will explain in detail what each number and column says in the tables below

High Rank

Check the table below for the percentage chance of rewards and items that can be obtained from the Teostra High Rank variation. 

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Teostra Carapace 14% - - 27% - Body 15%, 40%
Fire Dragon Scale+ 26% - - 21% - Body, 17% - Tail 25%
Teostra Mane 19% - 25% - Head 18% - Body -
Teostra Claw+ 16% - 18%(x2) - Wingclaw 14% - Body -
Teostra Powder 10% - 12%(x2) - Wingclaw - 34%, 25% (x2)
Teostra Tail 12% - - 80% - Tail -
Teostra Gem 3% - 3% - Head 2%(x1) - Body, 3% - Tail 1%
Teostra Horn+ - - 72% - Head 8% - Body -
Teostra Webbing - - 70% - Wingclaw 10% - Body -
Elder Dragon Blood - - - - 10%, 10%
Dragon Treasure - - - - 40%

Teostra - Craftable Gear

A list of weapons and armor that are related to Large Monster Teostra


  • Teostra Blade I
  • Imperial Saber I
  • Twin Nails I
  • Teostra Cratermaker I
  • Teostra's Tiple I
  • Teostra's Howl I
  • Teostra's Arx I
  • Teostra's Dart I
  • Teostra's Artillery I
  • Bow of Hope & Valor I


  • Kaiser Crown
  • Kaiser Mail
  • Kaiser Vambraces
  • Kaiser Coil
  • Kaiser Greaves



Great strategy, however regarding the wyvern riding, the best outcome is actually: you start riding the first monster, ram into Teostra when Mounted Punisher is ready, then before you get on Teostra open your map and quickly look for the second monster on the map and now ride Teostra there and ram into that one. Now use that new monster to deal even more damage to Teostra for as long as possible, and finish with Mounted Punisher finally. If you trust yourself, before you ram into the second monster, start by ramming Teostra into a wall, recover, and ram into the monster with your final ram; this is trickier to pull off, but guarantees max damage potential.

Thanks, this is a very good tip!


The armor set of Teostra with Teostra Blessing is good against CHameleos