April Update - first monthly overview

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Hey, all!

I thought it would be nice to start writing something like Monthly updates, to cover what has happened related to the website and gaming. As always, I think I will iron out a good structure for these as time goes on. It may be a bit chaotic at first, but bear with me :)

Dragon's Dogma 2

This is a big release that I planned on writing about. But as you can see, no content was released for it. The reason is simple, I did not find anything worthwhile to write about. I try to avoid writing "just guides" for specific mechanics unless it creates some kind of bigger value for more advanced posts like builds.

Sadly, after playing for some time, Dragon's Dogma 2 did not seem like a good game on which covering builds would bring much value. The game mechanics are rather simple, and the leveling experience is streamlined.

Of course, I don't disregard writing about this game in the future, but I am leaving it on the sidelines for now.

Cyberpunk 2077

Recently Cyberpunk 2077 had a free trial weekend, which made me come back to it, and do a few updates on builds. I am also writing one more build which will be released soon. Overall, the game looks strong, and new readers are coming every day to learn more about this game :).

I also added a Cyberpunk 2077 build tier list, which seems to be popular among the readers.

General things

  • Some builds have new "tags" added to them, to better inform about the mechanics they relate to or how they work. I think this is a good feature, as it better informs the reader of what to expect :)
  • General site fixes, and minor optimizations, like faster image loading.

That is all for this time :) If you have any ideas what you want to hear more from me, leave a comment below.



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