Best Builds Ranked - Tierlist

Best Builds Ranked - Tierlist - Cyberpunk 2077

By zanuffas
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I would like to go through my suggested Tier list for the best builds in Cyberpunk 2077. Overall I use these criteria:

  • How powerful the build is
  • How versatile it is against various enemies - grunts, elites, bosses
  • How much investment the build requires to be effective.

Lower tiers don't mean that the builds are bad. I would even argue they are more fun to play and offer unique playstyles.

However, these unique playstyles are what makes them suffer in one encounter and good in the others.


Netrunner Build

This is the most iconic archetype in the Cyberpunk universe. It is something like a Hacker, that can fry the enemy's cyberware and render them immobile or dead.

From the game perspective, the early game is kind of hard. However, as you unlock better cyberware and learn how quickhack combos work you are unstoppable. In the late game, you can just go into the area, and clear enemies without moving at all - just turning your gaze at them.

This is a truly powerful build that also can have different variations, depending on how much you want to dip into stealth or outright killing machine.

Smart Weapons Build

This is a kind of Netrunner Build variation. The idea is that you mainly use Smart Weapons - specifically SMGs together with quickhacks. This makes it very easy to outright delete foes, without any need to target enemies. The weapon does everything for you.

With some late-game optimizations, you can destroy one of the strongest boss encounters - MaxTac with a single magazine.

Samurai Katana Build

Another iconic build of the Cyberpunk world. The game offers plenty of Katana choices which start from okay, to outright cyberpsycho level. The idea is to concentrate only on these weapons and use various supporting perks, attributes, and cyberware to enhance damage and survivability.

Berserk Build

Overall just using the Berserk operating System, makes the build A-Tier. However, with ability to be effective with any kind of melee weapon makes this S-Tier build. You are outright invincible while Berserk is active, and the one I recommend gives a 100% Crit damage bonus.

The build also becomes effective from level 10 when you get Berserk and can already equip Gorilla Arms allowing you to utilize the full potential of the build.

Sandevistan Build

This is the ultimate Sandevistan build I have created. It can reach 150%+ crit damage and can slow time 3 times in a row using very powerful cyberware. Moreover, it can use multiple options for weapons - melee weapons (Byakko recommended), Shotguns, or even SMGs.

A Tier

Solo Build

This is one of the archetypes of the Cyberpunk world. A merc that is like a Rambo, able to withstand multiple enemies single-handedly.

My only gripe with this build is that it spreads itself a little thin, making Shotguns/LMGs vs Gorilla Arms a little redundant. However, I still find it appealing that you can change ranged/melee playstyles at will and become unstoppable using Berserk if needed.

Stealth Build

Amazing build if you wish to be the ultimate killer. You can use Sandevistan's time slow just to pass in front of enemies and remove them with a silencer from the back.

However, the main problem is that some enemies, specifically Elites require some additional tactics as usually one shot is not enough, unless you have the best pistol in the game - Pride. This is the only one that can do it consistently.

Gunslinger Pistol Build

Great build that offers this cowboy feeling where you go through enemies, with your precise shots and remove them one by one. It is especially fun on normal foes.

However, the downside comes from stronger enemies which have more HP, and limited pistol ammo, and damage (if you miss headshots) may come to bite. This is the reason I am suggesting Sandevistan, to have better control to land those headshots.

Ninja Build

Ah the silent and deadly - throwing knife expert from the shadows, samurai while in melee with katana on hand. The build is very enjoyable and offers a truly unique experience both in Ranged and melee combat.

Overall, the only downside is that Throwing Knifes require some practice to use well, as they are only effective if you can land those headshots.

B- Tier

Tech Weapon Build

The idea here is to have an engineer-like build that uses Grenades and various Tech Weapons. I have a few gripes with this build:

  • Using Tech weapons and activating Bolt perk icon cyberpunk 2077Bolt​ requires some practice.
  • If you decide to go with Sandevistan, you will need to have some practice to land that perfect shot. Otherwise, you will overcharge or waste time while charging.
  • Projectile Launch System, is kind of average cyberware and usually is better used for role play than pure damage.

The build is very powerful if you can control these things, but it is a little bit more complicated than the higher-tier builds. Still, once you learn how to use it, a very satisfying playthrough awaits you.


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