Best Sandevistan Build - 2 Second Cooldown - Cyberpunk 2077

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Best Sandevistan Build - 2 Second Cooldown

This post is all about the best Sandevistan build for Cyberpunk 2077. This is an operating system of cyberware that allows its wielder to slow down time. Sandevistan allows to take out a room of enemies in a matter of seconds without being shot at

So let's start

Sandevistan Build - 2 Second cooldown

With this build, we will minimize the cooldown time of Sandevistan and other cyberware. This way you will be in full control of time. I think you will have no problems taking out any of the enemies.

best sandevistan build cyberpunk 2077

Where this build shines is long encounters. Sandevistan will have a few seconds cooldown, meaning that after it ends, you will need to hide behind the cover shortly. You can also see in the gif above, how enemy turrets and drones have no time to activate as I split enemies apart.

Have in mind the build will cover only what you need to maximize Sandevistan usage. This works with any weapon that you will find in the game. We will also see what Cyberware and mods need to be used to have almost instant cooldown Sandevistan


Starting the game

  • Reflexes +3.
  • Body +3.
  • Technical Ability +1.


Here is how I recommend progressing with attributes during the playthrough with the Sandevistan build. The idea is that you want to put attribute points to Reflexes early on. This will allow you to use QianT Sandevistan Mk.4 once you have access to the full areas.

sandevistan build attribute points cyberpunk 2077

Level Reflex Body Tech Cool Int
10 11 8 6 3 3
30 18 15 12 3 3
50 18 15 18 3 3

Now have in mind, that we only cover attribute points that you need for maximum effectiveness with Sandevistan. This build easily works with most weapons in the game and can accommodate a wide variety of playstyles.

Once you choose your weapon, here are which attributes I recommend maximizing with the Sandevistan build:

  • Blades, Katana, Mantis Blade - Reflexes
  • Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers - Reflexes
  • Blunt Weapons, Gorilla Arms, Shotguns - Body

Maximize the selected attribute to 20. This way the build will have maximum effectiveness with a particular weapon.

You will still have some points left after this. So feel free to put it into Cool attribute for increased offensive stats and lucrative Cold BLood tree perks.


This section will cover recommended perks that you should pick for Sandevistan build in Cyberpunk 2077. To be honest the build does not need many perks for itself. The main ones are related to crafting to create the best mods for Sandevistan cyberware.

So you are free to choose any perk tree to play with your preferred weapons. I will list some perk tree options below and some that I definitely recommend taking.

Technical Ability

The perks below are mandatory for the Sandevistan build. All the other ones are optional and provide some quality-of-life improvements.

sandevistan build crafting tree cyberpunk 2077

Tech Level Skill Description
1 Scrapper Junk items are automatically disassembled. 
1 Mechanic Gain more components when disassembling. 
5 True Craftsman
Allows you to craft Rare items.
12 Grease Monkey Allows you to craft Epic items. 
18 Edgerunner Artisan Allows you to craft Legendary items. 

This tree is very important as it will allow you to craft the best Sandevistan: Heatsink which greatly reduces the cooldown rates if you stack 3 legendary upgrades.

Blades (if you go with Katana, Mantis Blade, blades)

blades build blades Cyberpunk 2077

Reflexes Level Skill Description
1 Sting Like a Bee x3 Increases attack speed with Blades by 30%. 
1 Roaring Waters x3 Strong Attacks with Blades by 30% more damage. 
4 Crimson Dance x2 Combos with Blades have a 30% chance to apply Bleeding. 
4 Slow and Steady x2 Moving while wielding a Blade increases Armor by 30%. 
6 Flight of the Sparrow x2 Reduces the Stamina cost of all attacks with Blades by 50%. 
8 Stuck Pig  Increases Bleeding duration by 3 sec. 
10 Blessed Blade  Increases Crit Chance with Blades by 10%. 
12 Bloodlust x2 While wielding a Blade, recovers 4% Health when hitting an enemy affected by Bleeding. 
12 Float like a Butterfly x2 Dodging increases damage with Blades by 50% for 5 sec. 
15 Fiery Blast x3 Increases damage with Blades by 3% for every 1% of Health the enemy is missing. 
15 Judge, Jury, and Executioner x3 Increases damage with Blades by 100% against enemies with max Health. 
18 Crimson Tide  Bleeding applied with Blades can stack 3 times. 
18 Deathbolt  While wielding a Blade, defeating an enemy restores 20% Health and Stamina and increases movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds. 
20 Dragon Strike  Increases Crit Damage with Blades by 40%. +1% per Perk level. 

Street Brawler (Bare hands, Gorilla Arms, Blunt weapons)

blunt weapon build streetbrawler perks cyberpunk 2077

Body Level Skill Description
1 Flurry x3 Increases damage from combo attacks with Blunt Weapons by 50%. 
1 Crushing Blows x3 Increases damage from Strong Attacks with Blunt Weapons by 30%. 
4 Juggernaut Increases Armor by 15% while blocking with a Blunt Weapon. 
4 Dazed x2 All attacks with Blunt Weapons have a 15/30% chance to apply Stun. 
6 Rush x2 Successful attacks with Blunt Weapons regenerate 3/5% Health over 2 sec. 
6 Efficient Blows x2 Reduces the Stamina cost of all attacks with Blunt Weapons by 25/50%. 
8 Opportune Strike Increases damage with Blunt Weapons against enemies affected by Stun by 50%. 
8 Human Fortress  Reduces the Stamina cost of blocking attacks by 50% while using a Blunt Weapon. 
10 Payback x3 Increase damage with Blunt Weapons by 1% for every 1% of missing Health. 
10 Reinvigorate Defeating an enemy by performing a Strong Attack with a Blunt Weapon restores 10/20/30% Stamina. 
12 Breathing Space  Increases Stamina regen while blocking with Blunt Weapons by 50%. 
12 Relentless Successful attacks with Blunt Weapons against enemies affected by Stun restore 20% Stamina. 
15 Thrash x2 Strong Attacks with Blunt Weapons reduce the target's Armor by 40% for 7 sec. 
15 Frenzy x2 Defeating an enemy increases damage with Blunt Weapons by 50% for 5 sec. 
18 Biding Time x1 Every 5 seconds, blocking an attack with a Blunt Weapon restores 5% Health. 
18 Unshakable x3 Successful attacks with Blunt Weapons against enemies affected by Stun restore 15% Health and 15% Stamina. 
20 Guerilla  Increases Crit Damage by 60% for 10 sec. after entering combat. +2% per Perk level. 

Handguns (Pistol or Revolver)

Engineer build Handguns cyberpunk 2077

Reflexes Level Skill Description
1 Gunslinger x3 Reduces reload time for Pistols and Revolvers by 25%. 
1 High Noon x3 Increases Crit Chance with Pistols and Revolvers by 6%. 
5 Desperado x3 Increases damage with Pistols and Revolvers by 10%. 
5 Rio Bravo x3 Increases headshot damage multiplier with Pistols and Revolvers by 15%. 
7 Long Shot Drop Pop x2 Increases damage with Pistols and Revolvers to enemies 5+ meters away by 25%. 
9 Steady Hand  Reduces Pistol and Revolver recoil by 20%. 
9 O.K. Corral  Deal 50% more damage with Pistols and Revolvers to enemies whose Health is below 25%. 
9 Vanishing Point  Increases Mitigation Chance by 20% for 5 sec. after performing a dodge with a Pistol or Revolver equipped.
11 A Fistful of Eurodollars x2 Increases Crit Damage with Pistols and Revolvers by 30%.
11 From Head to Toe x2 Increases damage done to limbs with Pistols and Revolvers by 7/15%. 
12 Acrobat  You can now perform dodges while aiming a Pistol or Revolver. 
12 Grand Finale  The last round in a Pistol or Revolver clip deals double damage. 
14 Attritional Fire  Firing consecutive shots with a Pistol or Revolver at the same target increases damage by 10%. 
14 Wild West  Removes the damage penalty from Pistols and Revolvers when shooting from a distance. Now you can maximize your damage when fighting enemies from long distances with this Pistol build.
16 Snowball Effect  After defeating an enemy, the fire rate for Revolvers increases by 5% for 6 sec. Stacks up to 5 time(s). 
16 Westworld Increases Crit Chance for Pistols and Revolvers by 5% if fully modded. 
18 Lead Sponge  Enables you to shoot with Pistols and Revolvers while dodging. 
20 Brainpower  After a successful headshot with a Pistol or Revolver, Crit Chance increases by 7% for 5 sec. 
20+ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  After a successful Crit Hit with a Pistol or Revolver, damage and Armor increase by 30% for 5 seconds. +1% per Perk level. 

Assault - (Assault, Sniper, SMG, and Precision Rifles)

Assault rifle build assault cyberpunk 2077

Reflexes Level Skill Description
1 Bulletjock x3 Increases damage with Rifles by 10%. 
1 Eagle Eye x3 Reduces time to aim down sight with Rifles by 50%. 
5 Covering Killshot x2 Increases Crit Chance with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 8% when firing from behind cover. 
7 Bullseye Increases Rifle damage while aiming by 10%. 
7 Executioner Deal 25% more damage with Rifles and Submachine Guns to enemies whose Health is above 50%. 
9 Duck Hunter x2 Increases Rifle and Submachine Gun damage to moving enemies by 10/20%. 
9 Shoot, Reload, Repeat x2 Defeating an enemy with a Rifle or Submachine Gun reduces reload time by 20/40% for 5 sec. 
11 Feel the Flow x2 Defeating an enemy with a Rifle or Submachine Gun reduces reload time by 20/40% for 5 sec. 
11 Nerves of Steel x2 Increases headshot damage with Sniper Rifles and Precision Rifles by 10/15%. The Assault rifle build can still use precision rifles.
12 Hunter's Hands x2 Reduces recoil with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 5/10% when firing from behind cover. 
12 Trench Warfare x2 Rifle and Submachine Gun damage increase by 5/10% when firing from behind cover. 
14 Named Bullets Increases Crit Damage with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 20%. 
14 Skull Skipper Each headshot reduces recoil with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 4% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 5 time(s). 
16 Bunker Increases Armor and Resistances by 15% while aiming with Rifles and Submachine Guns from behind cover. 
16 Recoil Wrangler Reduces recoil with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 5%. 
18 In Perspective Bullets fired from Power Rifles and Power Submachine Guns ricochet an additional 1 time(s). 
18 Long Shot Rifle and Submachine Gun damage increase the farther you are located from enemies. 
20 Savage Stoic Increases damage with Rifles and Submachine Guns by 35% when standing still. 
20+ Punisher After defeating an enemy with a Rifle or Submachine Gun, weapon sway is nullified and weapon spread does not increase for 10 sec. +0.2 sec. per Perk level. 

Engineering - (only with Tech Weapons)

Pistol build tech pistol Engineering cyberpunk 2077

Tech Level Skill Description
9 Up to 11 Allows you to charge Tech weapons up to 100% capacity. 
12 Tesla x3 Increases the charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 55%. 
14 Ubercharge Fully charged Tech weapons deal 30% more damage. 
14 Gun Whisperer Fully charged Tech weapons do not shoot automatically. Does not apply to revolvers. 
16 F*** All Walls Reduces the charge amount needed for Tech weapons to penetrate walls by 30%. 
18 Lickety Split x2 Tech weapon charge time is reduced by 20%. 
20 Superconductor Tech weapons ignore Armor.
20 Revamp  Increases damage from Tech weapons by 25%. Increases charge damage from Tech weapons by 10%. +1% charge damage per Perk level. 


This tree provides some general improvements more stamina, health, shooting while sprinting, etc. I suggest some abilities based on the weapon that you use.

sandevistan build athletics tree cyberpunk 2077

Body Level Skill Description
3 Epimorphosis Increases Health regen threshold from 60% to 65% in combat and to 100% out of combat. 
9 Steel and Chrome x2 (using melee weapon) Increases melee damage by 20%. 
11 Multitasker (if using a ranged weapon) Allows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting. 
11 Divided Attention (if using a ranged weapon) Allows you to reload weapons while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting. 
12 Invincible Increases max Health by 15%. 
14 Marathoner Sprinting does not drain Stamina. 

If you die often or have other difficulties, feel free to invest more points into this perk tree as it greatly improves Sandevistan user survivability.

Cold Blood - for maximum offense

Level Skill Description
1 Cold Blood x3 This is a very important buff for almost any stat in the game. Although at first, it provides only faster movement speed, as you progress it will provide other benefits. I suggest upgrading this ability every 5 levels and not but all 3 points at the start o the game
5 Blood Brawl (with a melee weapon) Melee damage is increased by 5% while Cold Blood is active
11 Frozen Precision (with ranged weapons) Increases headshot damage by 5% per stack of Cold Blood. 
12 Predator x2 Each stack of Cold Blood increases attack speed by 10%
14 Pain is an Illusion Reduces damage taken by 5% while Cold Blood is active
14 Cold and Calculating Gives a chance to receive a stack of Cold Blood during the critical hit.

Ninjutsu Tree

A few perks in this tree go a long way with the Sandevistan build. The perks work with any weapon.

Level Skill Description
7 Assassin Increases damage against humans by 15%. A very powerful perk as most enemies in the game are humans
12 From the Shadows x2 Provides a 20% bonus critical chance for the first 7 seconds of the combat.

Build tactics

Sandevistan is a very tactical operating system. Although it makes you feel powerful, even with small mistakes you can be torn apart on the high difficulties. Here are some recommendations:

Crafting is the core of the build

Leveling crafting is very important for this build. To get the Legendary heatsink you will need level 18 Crafting. This Sandevistan upgrade will reduce the cooldown times by 4 seconds

Any weapons work

Any weapon works with this build. So feel free to test out your preferred one. What I can say for sure, some shotguns and snipers may be cumbersome. The problem is that they have small clips meaning you will have to reload often. Why is that important?

You use precious Sandevistan time just standing and reloading. So look for weapons with decent clip size and fast fire rate.

Melee weapons also don't suffer from any drawbacks with Sandevistan so feel free to use them to your heart's content.

You are not immortal

Even during Sandevistan effects check your HP. Enemies can still hit you and you can easily "run into bullets". So be ready to hide if needed and heal.

Optical Camo is overpowered

Optical Camo - combining it with Sandevistan allows you to kill enemies without them realizing that you are there. Moreover, this combo allows clearing stealth missions easily. However, this can become boring in the late game.

Equipment recommendations

This section will cover what gear I recommend using with the Sandevistan build. sandevistan build cyberware cyberpunk 2077

Always try to obtain the highest tier equipment as it provides the best stats and most modification slots.

Assault Rifles

Item Description
moron labe cyberpunk 2077Moron Labe Great Assault Rifle that can be received fairly early in the game. It has a fast rate of fire and can dismember enemies
widow maker cyberpunk 2077Widow Maker Although not Assault Rifle it can come in very handy in many fights as this precision rifle can shoot through walls.
psalm 116 cyberpunk 2077Psalm 11:6 Deals additional thermal damage and can burn enemies. I think it is very effective against most human enemies throughout the game
cyberpunk 2077 divided we standDivided We Stand This is an amazing Smart Assault Rifle. It can target multiple enemies, and with some practice, you can get guaranteed headshots.


Item Description
sovereign cyberpunk 2077Sovereign Although this shotgun has only two rounds, however, Shotgun Build takes many reload perks ensuring fast reloads. It shoots both barrels using aim-down sights.
ba xing chong cyberpunk 2077Ba Xing Chong Available fairly late in the game, however, it is a very strong Smart Shotgun.
db-4 palica cyberpunk 2077DB-4 Palica A smart shotgun that only has two rounds

Sniper Rifles and Precision Rifles

Item Description
overwatch cyberpunk 2077Overwatch It is a unique variation of SPT32 Grad and comes with a silencer. Its drawback is that it requires 10 Body to properly utilize it.
widow maker cyberpunk 2077Widow Maker Although not Assault Rifle it can come in very handy in many fights as this precision rifle can shoot through walls.
Spt32 grad cyberpunk 2077SPT32 Grad Although not a Tech Sniper rifle, this one can shoot through walls and ricochet. Although it has a very slow fire rate.

Pistols and Revolvers

Item Description
lizzie cyberpunk 2077Lizzie I think this is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It releases 4 shots. Even more when fully charged. Once obtained, makes the game much easier.
comrades hammer cyberpunk 2077Comrade's Hammer An interesting weapon that has only one round per clip. It is a monster revolver that's bullets explode on impact.
chao cyberpunk 2077Chao I personally prefer this one to the ones mentioned below. Has the largest damage and is very good in the late game.
cyberpunk 2077 genjirohGenjiroh Very effective against multiple enemies. Also deal electric damage so is effective against drones.
crash cyberpunk 2077Crash Has very high base damage and headshot multiplier.
malorian arms cyberpunk 2077Malorian Arms 3516 Johhny's Iconic weapon. has very satisfying sounds

Ranged Weapon mods

Item Description
crunch cyberpunk 2077Crunch Increases damage. I recommend this mod the most as it gives flat damage increase
neon arrow cyberpunk 2077Neon Arrow Reduces weapon reload time by 5%.
penetrator cyberpunk 2077Penetrator Increases Crit Chance
pacifier cyberpunk 2077Pacifier Increases Crit Damage


Item Description
jinchu maru cyberpunk 2077Jinchu-Maru Has many positive effects: 100% Crit chance during Kerenzikov, Double damage for last combo attack, etc.
byakko cyberpunk 2077Byakko Introduced after the 1.5 patch. Has a unique ability to lunge into enemies from a medium distance when attacking. This makes fighting enemies with ranged weapons much easier
satori cyberpunk 2077Satori What makes it unique is that it can deal massive amounts of Critical damage. Due to this, I suggest taking any perk or modification that improves Crit Chance.

Blunt Weapons

Item Description
Gold-Plated Baseball Bat cyberpunk 2077Gold-Plated Baseball Bat Looks cool, has a unique effect that applies bleeding effect, and is probably the strongest blunt weapon
cottonmouth cyberpunk 2077Cottonmouth What makes it powerful is that it can both deal Electrical and Chemical damage.
tinkerbell cyberpunk 2077Tinker Bell Can knockout targets with Strong attacks. I think it is useful till mid-game, as later on, you will probably not use strong attacks as much.

Melee weapon mods

Mod name Description
cold shoulder cyberpunk 2077Cold Shoulder Increases damage by 5%.
scourge cyberpunk 2077Scourge Increases Crit Damage by 10%.
white-knuckled cyberpunk 2077White-Knuckled Increases Crit Chance by 2.5%.

Armor mods

Mod name Description
bully cyberpunk 2077Bully Gives +8% Crit Damage. Great for maximizing damage late in the game
armadillo cyberpunk 2077Armadillo I recommend this mod for maximum survivability It gives bonus armor. Try to get the Legendary or Epic variant
Fortuna cyberpunk 2077Fortuna Gives a +4% Crit Chance.
zero drag cyberpunk 2077Zero Drag Increases movement speed. It can make the gameplay a bit more difficult as you may run through the enemies. But overall makes the experience even more enjoyable

Cyberware - Frontal Cortex

Slot Item Description
1 Heal-on-kill cyberpunk 2077Heal-On-Kill The only decent Cyberware in Frontal Cortex for Sandevistan build. However, it should greatly improve your combat capacity as you restore health after each enemy you kill.
2 mechatronic core cyberpunk 2077Mechatronic Core Increases damage against drones, mechs, and robots.

Cyberware - Ocular System

Slot Item Description
1 kiroshi optics mk3 image cyberpunk 2077Kiroshi Optics Mk.3 Enables to have additional upgrades for the ocular system. Try to get the highest rarity which is Epic. It provides 3 upgrade slots.


Mod name Description
trajectory analysis cyberpunk 2077Trajectory Analysis Increases headshot bonus damage by 25%. use this mod to increase damage with Throwing Knives
weakspot detection cyberpunk 2077Weakspot Detection Increases Crit Chance by 2%.

Cyberware - Circulatory System

Slot Item Description
1 biomonitor image cyberpunk 2077Biomonitor Instantly restores a large portion of health when it drops below a certain threshold. Use Epic version
2 bioconductor image cyberpunk 2077Bioconductor Reduces all cyberware cooldowns. Use Epic version
3 microgenerator icon cyberpunk 2077Microgenerator Releases Electroshock when health drops below 15%. Use Epic option

Cyberware - Immune System

Slot Item Description
1 detoxifier cyberpunk 2077Detoxifier Grants immunity to Poison.
2 shock n awe cyberpunk 2077Shock-n-Awe After taking damage, there is a 2% chance of releasing large electroshock that deals damage to nearby enemies. Unfortunately, you will be able to equip either common or uncommon variants.

Cyberware - Nervous System

Slot Item Description
1 kerenzikov image cyberpunk 2077Kerenzikov You can now slow time when dodging or sliding.
2 nanorelays cyberpunk 2077Nanorelays Increases Sandevistan and Kerenzikov duration

Cyberware - Integumentary System

Slot Item Description
1 subdermal armor image cyberpunk 2077Subdermal Armor
Provides flat armor increase. Try to obtain the highest rarity for the highest value.
2 optical camo image cyberpunk 2077Optical Camo This is a bad boy. You will become invisible for a few seconds which you can use to take out enemies. Really neat cyberware for a stealth build
3 heat converter image cyberpunk 2077Heat Converter Increases damage if you are burning

Cyberware - Operating System

Priority Item Description
1 QianT Sandevistan Mk.4 cyberpunk 2077QianT Sandevistan Mk.4  Has a very short cooldown of 15 seconds. However, provides a shorter time slow.
2 dynalar sandevistan mk 3 cyberpunk 2077Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.3  This epic rarity Sandevistan has 16 seconds duration. Also increases damage by 15%

Operating system mods

Mod name Description
Sandevistan heatsink cyberpunk 2077Heatsink Reduces Sandevistan cooldown. This is the best upgrade once you are able to get it. It will greatly improve Sandevistan effectiveness. To craft the Legendary tier you will need to have Crafting progression rewards at level 18.
Sandevistan prototype chip cyberpunk 2077Prototype Chip While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Chance by 5%.
Sandevistan neurotransmitters cyberpunk 2077Neurotransmitters While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Damage by 15%.
Sandevistan overclocked processor cyberpunk 2077Overclocked Processor Increases duration of Sandevistan

Cyberware - Skeleton

Slot Item Description
1 dense marrow image cyberpunk 2077Dense Marrow Increases the stamina cost of melee attacks and greatly improves base damage. Only works on melee weapons
1 bionic joints cyberpunk 2077Bionic Joints Reduces recoil of ranged weapons. Take this if you use ranged weapons.
2 Synaptic signal optimizer imageSynaptic Signal Optimizer This cyberware greatly boosts overall health. This will be very useful to provide some bonus survivability.

Cyberware - Hands

Slot Item Description
1 cyberpunk 2077 smart linkSmart Link Equip this if using smart weapons. Increases chance to hit and Crit Damage.
1 ballistic coprocessor cyberpunk 2077Ballistic Coprocessor Equip this if using power weapons. Increases the number of times a bullet can ricochet.

Cyberware - Legs

Slot Item Description
1 reinforced tendons image cyberpunk 2077Reinforced Tendons My personal favorite makes traversing much easier.


Thank you for reading this post on the Best Sandevistan build in Cyberpunk 2077. With the recent Edgerunners anime inspiration, this will allow you to immerse yourself in the Night City life.

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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You really should have the iconic katana "scalpel" in your equipment recommendations. While Sandevistan is active, gain 50% crit chance and 100% chance to cause bleed. Perfect for any Sandevistan build, especially any that max out blades skills. Also has a 10% chance to stun. Deals primarily electrical damage, so is also good against mechanical threats. It's like it was literally made for a Sandevistan build.


Did the heatsink move? Not finding it in Arroyo


It's there. wait 24hours.

Yes, sometimes they dont appear the first time

How are you using a legendary Bioconducter if the requirements are 20 strength same with Microgenerator and legendary Biomonitor which you can get from the ripper doc in the badlands?

Hey, I use Epic Bioconductor as it requires 15 Body. Same for the other two. Trying to get the highest grade possible with the attributes the build has.

Thanks I was just confused because the picture had legendary ones


It took me long to realize you also need to level crafting progress to make legendary rarity of mods. Stuck with rare quality right now. Anyone with tips for quick leveling or is pretty much dismantle/craft/repeat ?


Just keep mass crafting/dismantling grenades or craft epic (purple) weapons which don't require legendary (orange) components (and then dismantle it)

Yeah, I now bolded this part in the build: To craft the Legendary tier you will need to have Crafting progression rewards at level 18.

Regarding crafting leveling, unfortunately I personally went craft -> dismantle path the first time I played :D But maybe there are some tricks how to do it faster


Pro Tip: Do NOT install Synaptic Accelerator if using this build. Its slow time effect makes Sandevistan effect stop earlier. This is mentioned in Cyberpunk 2077 Fandom Notes section and i can confirm it happens all the time.

Nice! Thanks for this tip.



I am doing katana build for many points should i have in my attributes at 50?

Reflexes 20, Cool 15, Body 15, Technical Ability 18, Int 3


thanks and is their any recommend perks i should get for Cool?

Hey! Yeah, updated the post with recommended perks from Ninjutsu and Cold Blood trees



Is this build viable on 1.6 patch?

Assuming yes, does it work with mantis blades?

Again, assuming yes, how many levels (attributes/street cred) to actually start shining?

This build was created after the 1.6 patch was released. It works with most weapons. For Mantis Blades, you should concentrate on the Blades tree.

I think this build starts to shine not based on attributes, but when you obtain Dynalar Sandevistan Mk.3

This can be obtained once you finish Act 1 and have Reflexes at 12


Hope they don't nerf this build too (like preventing using more than one heatsink)

Thanks for your guide Zanuffas

haha :D I used this build before Sandevistan was popular and with 1 heatsink. It was still fairly easy, as single use allows to take out most of the enemy groups.

Hey! I came up with a 10 Body, 20 Reflex, 18 Tech, 3 Int, and 20 Cool build. It's a Katana+Knife+Infinite time slow by using Sandevistan with full heatsink and Kerenzikov. 15-second CD with 12-second CD reduction makes it only a 3-second CD, and by using the Kerenzikov to wait it out. I feel like this could be an alternative build for the best Sandevistan build! What do you say?

Hey, this is what this build achieves. 3 second CD with legendary heatsinks and mentioned perks


Do I need 18 tech to get the legendary heat sink? Can I find it anywhere in the game?

You need to get the crafting recipe from Ripperdoc in Arroyo

Once you have it you will need to level Crafting progression bonuses to level 18 (Technical Ability attribute included), to unlock it.


Hi! Can you make a guide of all the best build in the game, alone with all the funnest build to mess round? Much appreciated!

Hey! Most of the builds that you will make with my guides will be overpowered... It mostly depends on items and perks you pick.

Regarding funny builds I will see. Do not have plans yet for that. Thanks for the request :D